Who Dis?

Dem activist tells Beto: ‘Who are you? I don’t know who you are’

American Mirror:

Oh, the sad, forgettable Robert “Beto” O’Rourke.

The struggling one-time media darling — who is currently at 0.0 percent in New Hampshire polls — was asked an awkward question by a Manchester Democrat picnic attendee: “Who are you?”

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  1. How can these people campaign while Trump is running roughshod over the Squad??!

    Suspend your campaigns immediately, you racists!

  2. Thirdtwin, The Democrats don’t know if they’re coming or going – or just sitting in a puddle of their own pee.

  3. “who dat?”
    that’s the guy everybody read about in the newspaper who waxes his ass and buffs his balls

  4. Irish Bob exhausted his 15 seconds of fame & is unable to find another one. He needs grab a fifth of Irish Whisky, make believe its Tequila & drown his sorrows within it.

  5. Who dat? The wholly unqualified candidate who almost unseated Ted Cruz after millions of outside dollars and a complicit media gave the empty suit nothing but favorable coverage for an entire campaign.

    So, the white Obama.

  6. It’s pretty bad when he can’t even draw a small crowd of Mexicans. Haha, you f*cking loser!

  7. I saw this scenario play out many times in college when certain immature and impressionable coeds were all gaga over some guy they claimed to have “charisma.” They were easy prey for these pretty boy manipulative emotion stimulators.

    Pity was the best I could offer in the ensuing months, sympathy for nativity particularly when combined with arrogance and condescension has never been my strong point.

  8. I’m good enough!
    I’m smart enough!
    I’m … well … special …
    And I deserve it … becuz … well … becuz I deserve it!

    and stuff …

  9. @Cliche Guevara
    “So, the white Obama.”

    Pffft… Obama was ALREADY white! We’ve only had ONE black President, and everybody KNOWS it was Bill Clinton! 😳


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