Biden shocked by ‘nice crowd’

— at venue that holds 300 people!

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  1. Joe, you were the V.P. to Saint, no Messiah Obama- what the hell is happening?

    If it weren’t for the fact that any of the other contenders will result in an even more epic smack down of your party I’d feel sorry for you.

  2. Are we sure that when he said “nice crowd” he meant the number of attendees, or that they weren’t all shouting FSCK YOU, YOU STUPID ASSHOLE! they way they usually do?

  3. Precious. There were 300 just waiting to buy a hot dog at POTUS Trump’s rally in NC tonight — at one of 50 hot dog stands.

  4. So. SloJoe is pandering to those with a 6th grade ejumucayshun? Goals set pretty high aren’t they Joe?

  5. There are always the curious types out there that can’t resist a look at a freak. There the same morbid types that fill the carnival freak shows.

  6. 300 people? Not that big of a fucking deal.

    And in related news, 10 of the 22 clowns in the clown car still poll several points to double digits over Trump according to NBC/WSJ.

    So who do you believe? Over 10k show up in NC for a reelection rally or 300 showing up for a Biden speech when he is the highest polling clown in the car?

  7. WElll it was nice ……. I was in that state … … uhh … thoe one that no body gives a shit about …. and the peeps were real nice. Lotsa geezers, and stuff, and not two many yung grils to sniff at – but – y’no – nice ……

    no mane-calling or saying stupid shit, an all,

  8. Yikes! A rally at an elementary school? Isn’t his type supposed to stay a certain number of feet away from schools?


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