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Made to Order Colorado Birth Certificates.
Here’s why that’s a huge problem.

American Thinker:

By Jay Tucker

Colorado has enacted legislation, effective Jan. 1, allowing adults born in Colorado to secure a new birth certificate reflecting a self-designated gender other than as recorded on an original birth certificate.  That legislation is unwise, unethical, dangerous, and, surely to be contended by some, unlawful.

Government identification documents (“IDs”) are issued by government (including schools) to confirm facts about the person to whom the ID is to be issued and/or that the person is a member of a specific class of persons.  IDs serve as verification of a person’s identity and/or membership in a class of persons (1) authorized to take certain actions (such as acting as a police officer, physician, attorney, teacher, plumber, electrician, architect, etc.), or (2) entitled to certain benefits or privileges ( Social Security, Medicare, food stamps, right to vote, right to purchase alcohol, right to travel, etc.)  IDs are presented by the holder for the express or implied purpose of securing the trust and confidence of the person or entity to whom the ID is presented.  For IDs to fulfill their purpose, the correctness of the information disclosed in the ID is absolutely necessary so that reliance upon that information is justified.  If governmental policy allows IDs to contain false, misleading, confusing, or unverified information, a chain reaction of adverse societal consequences will result. Those formerly comfortable in relying on the information disclosed in IDs will be compelled to undertake their own costly, time-consuming, and difficult investigations in order to verify the true nature of the person presenting an ID.

The government ID process entails investigation and verification of relevant information and, then, issuance of an ID.  It is not, and never has been, a process to provide false, confusing, unverifiable, or deceptive information requested by the applicant to use for whatever purpose the applicant desires, nor for deception of others as to facts which, in an orderly society, need to conform to reality.  Inability to rely on the accuracy of the ID information will be of serious, if not critical, concern to most of the population.  Examples of those adversely affected by government identification of males as females (and vice versa) are:

1.  Parents when vetting potential playmates for their children and when vetting the parents and siblings of proposed playmates.  Most parents would not consent for a teen daughter to go overnight camping with a teen transgirl.  Parents understand the adverse medical, social, and economic risks and consequences and the social contagion and indoctrination attending the transgender lifestyle. 

2.  Parents when vetting potential babysitters and companions for their children and when vetting parents of such babysitters and companions.  Most parents would not consent for a teen transgirl to babysit a daughter nor permit their daughter to spend time at the home of a transgirl.

3.  Government and others when needing to track suspected criminals, employers when needing accurate background information as to prospective employees, government when needing accurate information in order to perform background checks on purchasers of firearms, and lenders when needing information for credit checks.  If a person, merely upon request, can secure changes to ID documents, his or her history may be hidden from investigation and discovery.  (A police officer making a traffic stop will not discover that an apparent female driver is actually a male with an arrest warrant outstanding under a different name.)  Terrorists, and anyone else, could hide their background history by transitioning one or more times. read more

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  1. ^^^ What we call schizophrenia they just think of as their own special social network with people in it that matter most to themselves! Narcissistic and crazy is no way to go thru life!

  2. …the legalized pot must be REALLY good up there in Rocky Mountain High if they can come up with crap like THIS…

  3. I wanna be “Trumpgender,” and piss off a libtard so badly, that THEY tell me, there’s ONLY male & female! 😆

  4. forget the pot SUPERSHADE,it
    comes in at 25% THC. They got
    this concentrated goo called “ear wax”
    that comes in at 75% THC.

  5. I still feel like and look like my old self today, no changes and I will always be who I am and who I was born to be. Why should I want to change who I am after nearly 67 years? Once upon a time I might have wanted to change my middle name Russell but I’m perfectly happy with it now. My late wife would’ve changed her middle name of Louise, she hated it.

  6. Sometimes I feel like a nut…sometimes I don’t….

    p.s. It’s nice to have the ‘good’ Bad-Brad around again….

  7. It was bad enough years ago because there is another Jeff with my same last name who lives in the Spokane Valley. We used to get calls from his girlfriend till she figured she was speaking to the wrong Jeff and once we got a medical bill from a local hospital in his name, my wife had to tell them to check the Social Security number to make sure they had the right Jeff. And some people still confuse me with him since he’s a realtor and his name is on real estate signs in the valley.

  8. Don’t know. I think I’m still a racist white nazi supremacist but I haven’t watched the news yet today.😉

  9. Those that want to de-rail America do not give a crap about the people…..which is exactly why they don’t give a crap about what sex you choose to be.


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