VIDEO: New York Man Accused of Beating Girlfriend Released on Appearance Ticket

Notice in the video how no one tried to help the woman.

Breitbart Crime: A suspect accused of beating his girlfriend in Harriman, New York, was released on an appearance ticket Tuesday.

Surveillance footage showed Jay Vazquez-Paulino as he confronted the young woman inside the Superior Package Company, where he worked, and allegedly began to hit her, according to Mid Hudson News.

At one point in the video, Vazquez-Paulino went outside the facility and appeared to hide a large knife in his shirt sleeve. Once he reentered the building, he allegedly threw something at the victim and punched her several times.

Moments later, the suspect tried to kick the woman as she talked on the phone. He then appeared to throw the knife onto the roof after he exited the building.

Following the incident, Harriman Village Police Chief Dan Henderson expressed his concern that New York’s criminal justice laws were protecting defendants and not the victims. watch

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  1. But she will have to apply for a permit and wait who knows how long before she could take posession of a hand gun in order to protect herself…

  2. So, he doesn’t have to post bail after a domestic assault violation. Trannies and liberals are undoing everything the feminists implemented for decades.

    Let me guess? He won’t have his federal gun rights removed either, as that is for white men anyway. . .

  3. they gots to keep the black crime stats down

    if trayvon had been rightfully incarcerated for his crimes he’d still be alive … he’d be locked up but alive .. just sayin

  4. New Yorkers can thank Andy Cumhole and Democrat controlled House and Senate. They are actually decriminalizing crime. Next up is granting parole to life without parole inmates after serving 15 years. And they wonder why people are leaving in record numbers.

  5. …I’ve worked enough with abused women that I will ABSOLUTELY beat some ass if someone puts his hands on a woman around ME, so this guy wouldn’t be doing all that were I there, or at least wouldn’t be doing it for LONG.

    You DO have to be careful if you intervene, though.

    Not of HIM.
    Of HER.

    Anyone who’s worked with domestic abuse can tell you that, sometimes while you’re busy slapping Hubby down, Wifey/GF is just as apt to jump on YOUR back and start clawing YOUR eyes out, doesn’t even MATTER if she’s still bleeding from the beating and has a broken arm, she’ll STILL be all over YOU.

    There’s a lot of reasons for this. Some gals have “Battered Woman Syndrome” where they warp this into some kind of sign of love and caring, others it seems sort of a modified Helsinki Syndrome, others see you cancelling their meal ticket, and another see you cancelling their KID’S meal ticket, or all of these together with a warped loyalty (That’s MY husband, YOU can’t beat him!) or a thought that, if she DOESN’T, the NEXT beating he gives her will be WORSE because it will be the beating he was afraid to give YOU…There’s a LOT of psychological stuff here, and there’s also a risk that she WON’T press charges on HIM, but will on YOU…

    …of course, it would help a LOT if the law actually DEALT with these scumbags, because if she thinks he’ll be out of the clink and ready to give her a beatdown for getting him SENT there before she can get her shit and leave, then it’s actually pretty RATIONAL she doesn’t want his last memory before meeting Mr. Nightstick to be her INVITING Mr. Nightstick upside his head, he won’t take that kindly. Unfortunately, as you see HERE, the law FREQUENTLY fails at that little task, leaving the cowardly scumbag free to come back and beat the love into her as hard as he can, since he can’t take on a healthy adult male, his li’l girlfriend who can’t fight back will do.

    Also, many times he’s isolated her, gaslit her, kept her away from friends and family, cut off her access to family funds, and otherwise made it so, even if she has TIME to go somewhere, there’s no “Somewhere” she can afford to go TO, and this is 10x WORSE if there’s kids involved.

    So, asshole man comes swaggering back from the clink, maybe his ass a little sore if he was there overnight, and is looking for payback.

    Apparently made MORE likely by liberal criminal love policies.

    …This is the kind of thing that makes it REAL hard to understand the love Democrats get. They do nothing but shit on women and Black people, Jewish people and LEGAL immigrants, and yet they get their UNDYING loyalty in election after election, even when someone like Donald Trump does REAL, TANGIBLE things to make their lives BETTER, they STILL vote Democrat because…well, that’s what they were TRAINED to do.

    …and maybe that’s just the political version of Battered Wife Syndrome, that they think they can’t survive without Government to take care of them, and that if they DO try to vote them out, SEVERELY vindictive Democrats like Hillary Clinton will just make their lives MORE of a living hell when they get back in power, or they’ve just been conditioned to believe that all the bad things that Democrats do to them is REALLY the fault of Republicans somehow…

    …I can’t fathom it. It’s not possible to understand crazy unless YOU are crazy. Yes, you can arrange blanket parties for known abusers, but this doesn’t materially improve the lives of the women (and kids) they abuse because they’ll be BACK, sooner or later, and with even MORE hate in their hearts.

    Unless you know the woman well and are around the family enough, you won’t be there to counter all the assholery. YOU won’t be, but SHE will. I don’t allow it around ME and have, by various means, ensured that some folks have understood that over the years, but short of killing the guy, there’s no way you can guarantee that SHE won’t go back for MORE anyway.

    …People suck. You don’t have to tolerate it, but you can’t put a stop to it. They will continue to suck until they are dead, or until Jesus comes back, whichever comes first.

    But it DEFINITELY does not help if they just let these guys back OUT again, thanks Democrats, that’s just that much more blood on your hands, but since you’ve been covered in the blood of innocents for so long, perhaps you think of it as a fashion statement at this point…

    …stuff like THIS is why I look forwards to the upcoming Civil War. You can’t end ALL the evil, but you CAN end SOME of it.

    At least the Democrat part.

    …lets do this while I’m still young enough to fight…

  6. Different Tim January 19, 2020 at 12:20 pm

    “What’s more disturbing to me is how nobody clocked the SOB. Is my thinking an anomaly?”

    It is NOT an anomaly!!! GUYS DO NOT HIT GIRLS!!…PERIOD.

    This c…sucker needs to be taken out and shot!…just on general principals.

    ANY guy who hits girls can never fight like a man and needs to get the sh.t kicked out of him. Although I am half crippled, if I was there I would have kept swinging until this asshole stopped moving. And then, call the cops.

    That video really got my blood boiling!

  7. Pianamusic, I agree with you 100%. My father lived with us until I was three and a half years old. I have only one memory of life with him and that’s when he hit my mom driving her glasses into her face and blood running down it for not having gravy for the mashed potatoes. I have a couple of ex friends who were driven from my inner circle for abuse to their girlfriends/spouses. Don’t put up with that crap. Had to go to defense of neighbors a couple times also. Punks aren’t so tough when given resistance.

  8. You know, this might backfire in feminists faces: in NYC, you get a free pass to kick your girl’s ass if she gets out of line.

  9. Different Tim
    JANUARY 19, 2020 AT 4:03 PM
    “Don’t put up with that crap. Had to go to defense of neighbors a couple times also. Punks aren’t so tough when given resistance.”

    …yes, but you have to KNOW about it, too. Another part of this is that the ladies HIDE it.

    The youger of my older sisters moved out and away after marrying a guy, at sufficient distance that we didn’t see a lot of each other except for holiday family gatherings. I was just learning my craft at the time and missed some little signs, like she’d abruptly cancel out when we planned to get together, the fuckstick she married stopped coming to family gatherings, she would show up wearing outfits with sleeves that were awfully long for summer…you know,little things that add up to a big picture. She had an excuse for EVERYTHING, though, and I never figured that she would put up with anything like that anyway, based on what I knew from us growing up together, and this chickenshit would psychologically abuse her more than physically besides, so the damage wasn’t always visible and easily dismissed. She knew, too, that I had a mean streak, especially for this guy (because, while I didn’t know he was abusing my sister, I DID know he was an asshole and tried to talk her out of it besides pushing the little pussy around if he got too close), and she didn’t want nature and my nice knife collection taking its course, for whatever reason.

    Stuff like that kept him out of MY face, but also gave her an EXCUSE not to bring him around, or watching them interact together may have thrown some red flags.

    As it was, I found out about this only after the scumbag died, when his liver had enough of his bullshit.

    So she only told me AFTER it was too late to square accounts, precisely BECAUSE she didn’t want his ass beat. This made me pretty pissy with everyone who I thought SHOULD have told me something but didn’t for all those years, but the guy that REALLY needed justice was getting it from the Lord instead.

    …so you REALLY need to pay attention to the ladies in your life if you wanna put the kibosh on these vermin. They will go out of their WAY to hide it from you, and your memories of growing up with them may blind you to the obvious, since the way you remember them interacting growing up isn’t necessarily what they are like with others later.

    I suppose I should be grateful to her for keeping me out of jail on a murder charge. But I don’t think a jury would have convicted me.

    But we’ll never know NOW.

    …I’ve also found the Lord since then, and know that some matters of justice are best left to Him, and that I should put my now useless anger aside and be sure that He has done justice to this bastard.

    But I still can’t, even years later. And it may keep me out of Heaven if I can’t forgive him, even as the Lord forgave me.

    But the hate also keeps me aware and unwilling to put the blinders back on, so I’ve sometimes found and stopped some things I may have otherwise not noticed, that I probably shouldn’t get too much further into lest I be red flagged or something.

    Suffice to say, ain’t no one beating a woman around ME.

    So while I may understand some of why people don’t intervene, I can also despise them.

    Because there’s SOME things that just should not be tolerated.

    And society tolerating them is why we’re here NOW…


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