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Who Doesn’t Remember?

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  1. @Dee That’s what you put in the middle of the small 45 rpm record to get it to stay put on the turntable. The 45s had a bigger hole. Don’t ask me why.

  2. TY all I had was a rather tall thing that went over the middle metal stick that was for playing albums. The tall thing allowed you to stack up your 45’s. That’s what I had LOL TY for the info. Other people I knew had stereo cabinets.

  3. ThirdTwin,
    That one took me a moment. The view isn’t the best, but it’s to hold multiple chalks, to draw even straight lines on the blackboard, for writing practice.

  4. A dirty trick was to somehow sneak one of those flash bars into somebody’s pocket and then wire it to a 9 volt battery and set it off. They get really hot!!!

  5. I remember being waaaaay more afraid of what happened when I got home, if I did something stupid at school.
    And it was “never” the teachers fault or responsibility.

  6. Thanks for the info on the chalk holder. That one stumped me. Only saw it in music class, though.

    I only had the cube flash bulbs that would turn as you advanced the film. 110 film in the Instamatics. Though I was aware of the stacked one. I think they pre-dated the cubes.

    We also “shook it like a Polaroid” starting one Christmas when Dad and Mom gave each other the same gift. That was quite the feature to have your picture develop right before your eyes.

    Never did believe shaking it was necessary, but no evidence backing up my opinion on that.

    Never took Chocks. Several other brands, but never that one. One-a-Day was in the house for years on the kitchen table.

    It was strange when Mom became aware of my iron deficiency one Summer day when I was 10 or 11. I had a Doctor for a Dad and she was a nurse! How was I vitamin deficient? Someone was dropping the ball and it’s not right to think I should know these things at 10 or 11 before my parents noticed.

    That’s pretty much one of the top complaints I can think of with my parents. They were pretty awesome and I still miss them. I really couldn’t relate to friends that had terrible problems at home thrust upon them. Took adulthood to experience being treated badly by someone I cared about.

  7. The red thingy was to make the spindle hole in a 45 rpm record work on a turntable that had an smaller auto drop spindle for larger records (33 and 78 rpm records). Yes, the were also large diameter adapters that went over the smaller spindle for a using s stack of 45’s.
    I remember Chocks but don’t thing I ever had any.

  8. Never seen the Chocks vitamins. I’m assuming it’s chock full of vitamins? lol

    Never saw the thing below it, either.

    The 1st one I know is a phone book thing that you open according to the slidey thing over the alphabet, right? They sold those until the 80’s if I remember right.

    The 2nd one you can still find a version of them in the Mexican markets.
    The last two I know for sure. I was still finding flashbulbs from when I was a child in old boxes that weren’t really looked through every time we moved back in the day. Probably threw the last ones out in the 90s. They didn’t look exactly like that, though. Anyway, I always thought they were pretty. lol.

    Do you guys remember lucky rabbit’s foot on a keychain?
    I had one. Maybe a blue one. And I remember wondering why it was even a ‘thing’ to carry one around. Then I started to wonder if mine was real because I tried to take it apart and it didn’t ‘look right’ so I threw it away. They were just bizarre to me. And later on they started making the plastic kind covered in faux fur. Funny, the shit you remember from childhood, huh? 😀

  9. I remember most of those items. The 45 adapter is quite similar to toy guns we had that shot out little spinning plastic discs like those but smaller. Great fun on a rainy day. Also remember wrapping the knotted pull rope to start mower engines and such. You hung it over the handlebars after it started and went about your business. My one grandfather had a mower you wound up with a crank and then pushed a button to start it. Good ol’ days!

  10. I have 4 Polaroid Instamatic cameras, no film. The film had the battery in the cartridge. Any one remember getting a submarine in a cereal box that took baking soda to go up and down in a glass of water??? Also anyone find a time machine to go back to better times???

  11. Back in the 60s in cottage grove mn
    I was 1 of many “free range kids” wandering around the hill as it was called where the water tower was we came across a homemade a- frame with 2 coyote carcasses hanging there that were skinned and roasting in the sun
    They still had furry feet so I pulled my pocketknife out and hacked off a couple for good luck , gave 1 to my buddy but after a week or so my pocket was populated with maggots, a small biology lesson for a 10 year old. So MJA fake or mass produced rabbits feet are a bit more civilized.

  12. LBS, remember the 4-flash cubes? I think those were the follow-on to the stick of 8, on the next generation of the Instamatic, which spun the cube as you advanced the film.

  13. The “45” record was introduced as the new “low distortion” format to replace 78s meant to be used on RCA’s new player that quickly changed the record. Up to 12 45’s could be stacked on it resulting in more play time than an LP. Meant as the new Hi Fidelity standard, it turned out to be the Fun format that was easy to handle, store, used and abused and held up over the test of time… but really wasn’t the Hi Fi standard by any means. It was, however the first method of creating your own, personal play list (even tho that wasn’t a term yet) by stacking the records in the order you wanted them played.

  14. I think I am too old for Chocks.

    I remember a Clan Gathering 70 yeras ago; an Uncle took a Clan pic. One of my cousins spent the next 75 secs trying to “catch” the flashes he thought he saw. Do not miss them.

  15. My brother borrowed my 110 camera to take on his honeymoon as he did not have a camera of his own. He took about 10 rolls of pictures in Key West. Came home and, when developed, nothing but blanks. He thought the red diagonal line in the view finder was for centering – not opening up the lens. 🙂

  16. Dadof4
    Early One-a-day vitamins were covered with shellac, about half of the population’s system wasn’t acidic enough to break down the coating.
    Find someone who pumped septic tanks, they can verify.

  17. This is where I normally make of you old people. However, every time one of these nostalgia pieces runs I am reminded of Roman dodecahedrons. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_dodecahedron

    It’s just a little….thing that no one knows what it’s supposed to be. Sort of common, found all over the empire, just an everyday object who’s purpose has been lost over time.


    Keep your trivial memories people, they’re valuable.

  18. Yes, Burr, boomer archeologist, some day they will find all of my broken Craftsman ratchets in various swamps and forests of MD and MO, and declare them Religious Artifacts.

  19. @Deplorable Second Class (at 5:57 pm): I still have one of those submarines around here somewhere, but it’s yellow (shades of the Beatles!) and I think it may be a later remake. As I recall, the ones in the cereal boxes were grey and were supposed to represent the U.S.S. Nautilus.

    PS – Anyone remember this?

  20. OT: “Every good boy deserves fudge” ~ Dee

    reminded me of a color code we memorized in advanced electrical on resistor codes … ‘Bad Boys Rape Only Young Girls, But Violet Gives Willingly’
    (black, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, grey, white … each color being a multiplier of 10 starting w/ black as zero)

    … sounds like Joe Biden’s Rosary chant

  21. Long day for me today. Burr likes to consider himself some sort of Militarized Alpha male. The ultimate answer to all things combative. Ain’t he cool? If that was a sad attempt at humor forgive me, otherwise resume your usual delusional shit.

  22. Strangely I can’t remember the mnemonics of Bell Colors.

    I can only remember Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate.

    White, Red, Black, Yellow, Violet.

    Something about “Why run backward…?”

  23. I can remember the goddam Tonka Toys we had were made of stamped metal. With sharp edges that cut the hell out of your fingers.

    I’d lay down on top of the Car Carrier and my brother would push me around the garage in circles, running over the piles of dogshit and puddles of piss left by our Dachshund named Ralph. That sonofabitch bit everybody. Everybody.

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