Who Is Going To Help Me Move Trump To the Right?

I said that I support Trump over Hillary, and that in doing so I will be committed to moving him as far right as possible.

Who wants to help me push him, because he just slipped a bit leftward?

What the hell is Trump doing endorsing Renee Ellmers?  She is the worse turncoat in congress. She was ushered in as a Tea Party conservative and then immediately became the most significant disappointment.

In a robocall blanketing her North Carolina district, Trump says:

“I need her help in Washington so we can work together to defeat ISIS, secure our border and bring back jobs and frankly, so many other things,” Trump continues. “And Renee knows how to do it. She gets it. And together, we will make America great again.”

C’mon. Renee Ellmers supports amnesty. Doesn’t Trump know that?

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  1. He’s got to win a bunch more states than Romney did in ’12 and he’s going for states like WA, CA, etc, that R’s haven’t made a run at in years. NC is a toss up this year — evenly split between him and killery at about 42-43%, with the rest I’s. He needs all those votes. Not every senator/congressperson, governor, etc, is going to agree w/him on every component of his platform. And I suspect — though I have no evidence of this — some of this stuff is coming out of the RNC, because I’ve not heard of him doing robocalls on behalf of other campaigns, but we’ll probably be seeing more of this.

    Keep in mind, too, that just about every single senator/congressman was in favor of some form of “amnesty reform” over the idea of building a wall and deportation before June, 2015. It’s not Trump who needs to be moved to the right, but he can’t move anyone else to the right if he’s not their president. He’s repeated over and over again as recently as Saturday, that he’s building that wall and enforcing immigration laws.

  2. This is precisely what I was afraid of from the Donald – supporting and enabling democrats that falsely call themselves conservative republicans because he is either misled by his “consultants” or because he truly isn’t able to distinguish leftists in sheep’s clothing from valid America-centric patriotic citizens that want the Constitution upheld as it is written.

    I sincerely hope someone can successfully push him waaaaaaayy to the right or I’m afraid we’ll end up with Hillary lite under his potential administration as far as policy goes if he doesn’t self destruct in the meantime.

    Renee Ellmers is the prototypical “conservative republican” these days which means she is a corrupt democrat by every measure except the (R) by her name. Trump is either misguided on who he supports or he truly is an ingenuous insider that will willfully enable / allow the current, corrupt status quo to remain in place. The choices of which beast he is aren’t pretty.

    I and many others can only hope that he will make a serious course correction for the sake of America as an ideal before it’s too late.

  3. I think this is reading too much into the trees instead of the forest.

    No question about Elmers’ yuck factor.
    And the article certainly yammers about
    Bridenstine, Jackson and Nehlen
    not getting the nod (yet).

    And that’s all well and good…from the ideological standpoint.
    But politically speaking, he needs a Republican House and Senate.

  4. Trump is a 70 year old New York Liberal Democrat just like Hillary Clinton and he is not going to change. There will be no wall there will be no Muslim ban or anything else he promised. We knew this and tried to tell you but you let your anger and emotions control you. You bashed a good man who has a proven record of doing what he said he would. If you wanted a true conservative you should have supported Ted Cruz. Unicorns are real you know.

  5. You Anti-Trump people make me sick. You’re holding the man to the highest of standards now because your precious Party didn’t get its way Where were your standards when RINO losers like Romney, McCain, and Dole were rammed down our throats? Will anyone here rush to their defense as pristine examples of all that’s conservative now?

    The man’s not perfect, he wasn’t my pick, but for the love of God, get on board! If you can’t say anything nice about Trump, surely you can spend your time talking up what’s really wrong with the Democrats.

  6. Still with the Ted Cruz bullshit. The snaky, slimy fuck proved himself to be a lying POS. Bought and paid for by GS et.al. Never forget him on the border with batshit Crazy Beck passing out teddy bears & soccer balls to 100s of incoming illegals. This epitomized him and his lying campaign.

    The choice has been made and like stop pissing says, let’s get him elected. He is the only one that has made these promises, let’s see if he follows through.

  7. Why did he endorse her? It’s a stinker, for sure. From the little bit of reading I’ve done in the past half hour, I’m going with the he didn’t know what an embroglio he was placing himself in and endorsed her out of loyalty. Ellmers was the first U.S. Congressperson to endorse him back in March, after he narrowly won the NC primary.

    This is an excerpt from the piece at Breitbart:
    “North Carolina is pivotal in November. If Trump’s endorsement secures Ellmers another term, defying countless conservative activists, the GOP nominee could face a backlash for the general. Tarheel conservative activist Nathan Tabor, worrying about just such an outcome, sent an email to conservatives in the state Sunday night:

    Stunned Trump supporters believe that Trump is not aware of Ellmers’ open borders position and that he has been ill-served and gotten “bonehead” advice. The real question is: “Who gave Trump this advice and why are they still on the payroll?” Fortunately, the general election is several months away, but Trump can’t afford to have this kind of staff work when he goes against Hillary. Conservatives are urged to call Mr. Trump’s office at (212) 715-7202 and ask: “Why is he endorsing and doing a robo-call for an open borders, pro-choice candidate?”

    You can go to BB to read the rest.

    Every candidate is going to make mistakes. We have short attention spans and memories. Trump did battle against 16 other candidates, the establishment parties, Wall Street-backed super PACs, the national, establishment media, Bernie Sanders and The Clinton Machine. That’s a high bar of expectation for one man.

    If that’s not enough for any given voter, then vote for Killery.

  8. People like Elmers are called SQUISHES for a reason:
    they are easily influenced.

    It’s a shame she “squished” to the left
    by whatever people once she got to D.C….

    …but, you DON’T think she’ll “SQUISH” back
    once Trump is there?!?

  9. I think it’s more important to move
    the Republican Party
    to the right….

    “Trump is, in the decisive sense, more conservative than the entire conservative establishment. Unlike them, he is actually trying to conserve something bigger than his job and status: namely, the American nation. Yet “Trumpism” needs something Trump himself cannot provide. John Derbyshire praises Trump’s “gut conservatism” as a welcome relief from the failures of the intellectual class. One can sympathize with his point without finding it altogether satisfying. “Gut conservatism” after all still depends on some definition of what conservatism is. Which requires thinking and writing, i.e., intellectualism, and perhaps even philosophy. The gut may be right more often than a broken clock, but—as Trump’s contradictory pronouncements over the years illustrate—it is unreliable and so must be ruled by the brain, which nature generously provides for the purpose. Derbyshire is thus too quick to dismiss conservative intellectualizing as irrelevant. Forging a fresh definition of conservatism, or of reinterpreting the old one to meet the necessities of the times, is not merely relevant but necessary.”


  10. Hang a bell around a sheep’s neck, and all the other sheep will follow it.

    Whether to a greener pasture or over the cliff depends very little on the intention of the sheep with the bell, but more on the design of the shepherd. There seems, at least to me, a certain air of ‘inexorableness’ to the past decade, or so, that contraindicates reason. We, not just Americans but the entire Western World, seem to be mired in lies and stupidity – from which we’re unable to extricate ourselves – even when we do perceive it. For the most part, we accept the lies and stupidity, pretending that it’s normal, or somehow beneficial to the nation, or the World.

    I don’t understand the phenomena.
    It’s similar to pretending that Moose Obola is attractive, or that B. Hussein is smart. Or that, in some inexplicable fashion, illegal alien invading rat-people parasites are GOOD for America! It wobbles the mind!

    Perhaps JohnS is correct, and there is some peculiar, insane, reality that exists below the surface of the perceptible Universe.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Tim I agree.

    I think we’re running into that ‘Great Filter’ that astrophysicists always go on about when trying to explain why we see no aliens. Civilizations seem to be self pruning.

  12. Czar,
    Mr. Voegeli gives the existing “leadership” far more credit than I. He also posits from a position of assumptions and offers assertions of which I do not, necessarily, subscribe. But it’s a good read, and I thank you.

    izlamo delenda est …

  13. Ellmers is a leftist operative. I’m sure she charmed her way into getting an endorsement by Trump because he’s clueless RINOS, like Ellmers are a cancer in the conservative movement.
    She’s gotten a thumbs up from a major leftist rag here in North Carolina;
    http://m.indyweek.com/indyweek/us-congress-second-district-we-endorse-renee-ellmers-in-the-republican-primary/Content?oid=5036731 .
    Trump endorsing Ellmers is a reflection of his liberal leanings. Once he’s president, hopefully he will be enlightened enough to see the destructive aspects of liberalism. I sincerely hope Ellmers loses this election. If she gets a cabinet position in the Trump administration, she’ll sabotage conservative policies.

  14. ATTENTION: This is a blog that provides information for discussion on politics.


    ATTENTION: Putting up a news story, something that happened, doesn’t mean that I’m an anti- FILL IN THE BLANK person who should be “making you sick.”

    The blogs that should be making you sick are the knee-jerk blogs that never discuss a single friggin thing that is even remotely off the plantation of accepted thought.

    I think Abigail Adams’ explanation as to why Trump did what he did is something for us all to ruminate over. It gets us closer to an acceptable understanding of Trump’s motivation.
    THIS is why this stuff is posted, so people are not left alone with their doubts.


  15. One of my biggest fears with a Trump Presidency is the very real possibility of losing both houses of congress. This move strengthens my concerns. This is a very dumb move by Trump.

  16. And Czar’s quip is pithy.

    ——Czar of Defenestration:
    I think it’s more important to move
    the Republican Party to the right———

    And then he dropped some good links.
    That’s why stories are posted.

  17. Trump has a long history of picking and backing this kind of people. Don’t forget his recent backing of DeBlasio. He has also backed Clinton and most of the high level communists in California.
    I really don’t understand why his supporters would believe he would act differently when making appointments to the SCOTUS. Or federal courts, for that matter.
    Some of the people he has supported here in CA are so far to the left that even Hillary steers clear of them.
    I hear this constant “Baaa baaa Trump is not a liberal anymore”.
    When will he (other than the stuff his handlers wrote and posted on his website) start showing us his new side?
    A lot of us want him to show how he intends to lead, sadly this is just confirmation that he is, in fact, still a liberal at heart.
    Pelosi needs to chime in “You have to elect Trump to see how he will lead”.

  18. What I’m seeing from several people above is “you have to elect Trump to see what he does”. Rather like “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.” FFS, people. This is exactly what many of us have been worried about. That said, he is going to be our nominee, so I like BFH’s question – who will help move him to the right? Abigail, Czar? You seem to have some insider connections. Don’t you think moving him to the right is a valid thing? Or do you just blindly accept that everything the man does is YUGE and brilliant?

    BTW, I’ve been getting solicitation emails to contribute to the Trump campaign. What’s up with that? I thought he was self-funding? LOL

    And yes, I contributed and I will vote for him because he’s all we’ve got to protect us agains Hillary. So my questions above are coming from a Trump supporter, sorta. But I’m still worried, and this endorsement is just one reason why.

  19. “We have to pass it to see what’s in it” is not at all a proper analogy to voting for Trump.

    To mitigate Pelosi’s casual hand wave while the left ramrodded a bill down the throats of the people is offensive and egregious.
    People have a choice as to whether they will vote for Trump or not.

    Pelosi was making light of totalitarianism.

  20. It’s ok to question Trump’s actions. He’s human. Also, he’s shown that he’ll respond to criticism from his base. So stop worshipping him and hold his feet to the fire. Good gracious. Do you guys want to save our country or are you just Trump fans?

  21. bfh – if your comment above was directed at me, I don’t understand what you are saying. What I said was that several commenters above seemed to be saying the you have to elect Trump to see what he does. I think that is BS. How is that that so different from what Pelosi said?

  22. RLC wrote: “Don’t you think moving him to the right is a valid thing? Or do you just blindly accept that everything the man does is YUGE and brilliant?”

    It depends on what is meant by the first question. I’ve found that just about every comment I’ve ever read questioning Donald Trump’s “conservative” bona fides comes from people who have never listened to more than a few seconds of anything he’s ever said, whether it’s a campaign speech, an interview or even decades-old statements he’s made on the Oprah Winfrey or Larry King shows. These same people, who were only ever in support of another candidate (typically, but not always, Cruz), have filled themselves with anti-Trump messaging. This anti-Trump confirmation bias makes them particularly merciless in their quest to find fault with him and wholly unable to look at anything he does or says, objectively.

    That being the case, I no longer discuss Trump’s conservatism with them. Given the overwhelming abundance of information available, the only reasonable explanation for their recalitrance is they are actively working to remain ignorant of Trump’s stated/written positions. In other words, they really don’t want to know and would rather none of this was happening.

    As to the second question, above: I supported another candidate way before the GOP primaries began. I thought I knew that candidate but it turned out that I did not. After thorough research of him, my mind was changed. It is ironic that I should be charged with ‘blind’ allegiance to a candidate by a commenter who is unwilling to do the same kinds of research I believe would change their opinion.

    I also find the way in which the question is stated to be purposely provocative and unnecessarily rude.

  23. AA – FU, and I mean that sincerely. I am honestly trying to find a way to like the guy, even thought I have stated again and again that I will vote for him, and I get nothing but continued insults I HAVE listened to Trump’s speeches. Not every one of them, granted, but several. And I HAVE visited his web site. So stop pretending that you are the only one that has ever done due diligence. My problem with him has not been with what he is saying NOW, but what he has DONE in the past. So if you think that his past should be ignored because he is different now – isn’t that him moving to the right?

    Apparently it is not enough for you Trump cultists for a person to say they will vote for him and and contributed to him. One must also worship him as well. Sorry, I’ll leave that to you.

  24. RLC wrote: “BTW, I’ve been getting solicitation emails to contribute to the Trump campaign. What’s up with that? I thought he was self-funding? LOL”

    I meant to add this to the above comment.

    This was the tip off that RLC has not been listening to much that Trump has been saying on the stump for at least the past two months because he has stated repeatedly that he is paying for the cost of his primary. Once his nomination is secured, which for practical purposes it has been, he should not have to pay for the expenses of representing the Republican party against the D’s. His supporters have always known that was his reasonable intent.

    I’m pretty sure if one reads the fine print on the solicitation, it will be from the Republican party, not from the official Donald Trump campaign. It may be hard to tell, depending on how it is worded.

  25. AA – the solicitation email I received this morning was apparently from both the Trump campaign and the RNC, to wit:

    “Paid for by Trump Make America Great Again Committee, a joint fundraising committee authorized by and composed of Donald J. Trump for President, Inc. and the Republican National Committee.”

    I don’t have a problem with it either way, although I wish there were less of them, but that’s what happens when one gets on a mailing list, and I know it costs money to win.

  26. RLC — It’s just this binary and simple: If you hate Trump, vote for Killery — not voting or writing in your candidate of choice is a vote for Killery.

  27. Hey, it’s Ramadan; we should all be getting along…
    and enjoying a lovely pig roast. 😉

  28. I aimed it at JohnS.
    And I explained why the 2 statements are incongruous as an analogy.

    Pelosi was making light of ramming a bill down the American public’s throats.

    Trump is not forcing anything on anyone.
    And people can make their choice.
    Did Trump endorse Ellmers in secret?
    Everything is out in the open and we’re discussing it and weighing it.

    Making that analogy makes it seem like we had a choice with what Pelosi was so cavalierly giggling about.
    We didn’t.
    Stop using that analogy.

  29. What I think Trump will do when he first is in office is ask his new cabinet for a full accounting of what is really going on. He will be running the White House like he runs his business and when he has the whole picture then he can start making changes, and the cuts to unnecessary programs. But first we have to get him in the White House an do all we can to ensure that.
    The GOP and the Dems will do all they can to protect their turf and fight him tooth and nail when their golden calf is threatened.
    When that happens we will all be glad that he is an alpha male and fights them for us, that is why he is running to make America and all of us strong and vibrant again. Do I have doubts about him, very few,I trust him at his word, the man is very serious about what he is doing.

  30. RLC wrote: “Apparently it is not enough for you Trump cultists for a person to say they will vote for him and and contributed to him. One must also worship him as well. Sorry, I’ll leave that to you.”

    Worship? No. Defend against everything that has and will come his way? Indisputably, yes! He. Is. Our. Candidate. It’s called being “all in.” I, for one, am not a very good fence sitter who is comfortable dabbling a toe in the water or putting a finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. Once I’m convinced of a candidate’s fit for what is needed, I’m all in. And considering that DJT has already surpassed an historic number of votes in the R primaries, I’ve got a lot of good company.

    Another way to look at it, too, is I assume anything I write or say from here on out to November is being read, heard and reacted to by a huge number of people who will not decide their vote until literally hours before their vote is cast. I say this with certainty because in several primaries, I spoke with hundreds of people whose objections were met and overcome by just talking with them for a few minutes. I don’t want people to not vote and I sure as hell don’t want them to vote for Hillary Rodham-Clinton (or write in someone). Every single one of those undecideds are looking for a reason to vote for or against Donald J. Trump. I want to give them every reason to vote for him. Arguing over his conservative bona fides is OVER. DONE. RETROGRADE. UNPRODUCTIVE. And besides, as C. Steven Tucker posted, above, if one still has a problem with his positions (which is further right than any Republican candidate in this race or any in recent memory), there can be only one reason, sheer bullheadedness. And that stubbornness is going to get Hillary Rodham-Clinton elected.

  31. hey bfh – did you see where csteventucker called you illiterate?>>>>

    I’ll tear his fucking head off!! Where is he?
    And bring me a stool so I can reach his head!! (He’s tall.)

    No. I can’t be pitted against Tucker.
    In the overall picture Trump is plenty right-wing.
    In this isolated instance (the Ellmers endorsement) it shows that anyone can either make a misstep, or they have a motivation that I may be overlooking. (See Abigail’s comment.)

    Also, see Ronald Reagan’s record, the one that conservatives adore and turn a blind eye to many non-conservative moves.

  32. AA – how about if I hate Trump and vote for him anyway?>>>

    I thumbed that up RLC.
    That’s pretty binary, and a solid position to hold.

    The only problem I have with that position, and it’s one that I’ve been saying to Menderman (not you, because I find you to be very fair and tolerant)- while you (you, as in the abstract you out there) intend on voting for the guy, posts made in favor of Trump are met with psy-ops-like comments that only serve to dissuade others from voting for him.
    So the net effect is that you’re working against someone you intend on voting for.

  33. Look, it’s okay to question but some people keep wanting to replay the entire woulda, coulda, shoulda of the primary and keep wanting to gore our own ox. It’s gotta stop at some point or it will continue to tear us apart and tear us down.


    “Stop with the negative waves!”

  34. Our focus needs to be on keeping the house and senate. I suspect a play will be made against yertle if the GOP keeps the senate. The big fear is that trump will drive evangelicals from the polls and thus destroy our chances of keeping both houses. I am seeing lots of blogs where this large group of voters are choosing neither and this could tip the election. Trump’s antics, whether you like it or not, is not helping them to decide to hold their noses and vote for him.

  35. Fur — I hate going to the dentist!! Though not a great analogy, I get it. What I don’t get is tearing down our candidate at this point. At this point it will take all hands to stomp the ever loving sh*t out of Clinton. I do believe there are some who have no idea what is coming Trump’s and, by extension, our way this summer. Hell’s bells! If San Jose and Costa Mesa haven’t convinced them, I’m at a complete loss to convince them. Even the officials of the RNC, Preibus, McConnell, Ryan and the rest have yet to say a single Tweet about the real violence and attack the Left for it. Cowards!!

  36. The big fear is that trump will drive evangelicals from the polls>>

    Where is this fear coming from? Trump bested all opponents during the primaries among evangelicals.
    In fact, it was after getting trounced in a state where Cruz was relying on evangelicals that he bowed out.

  37. <>

    OK, I get that and that is fair. I will try to keep my mouth shut when I see things like this that play into my doubts.

    But, once he is elected he is fair game. Will we be allowed to criticize him then?

  38. I wish Anonymous would make up his effin’ mind! First he bashes Trump, calling him a New York Liberal, then he says we have no choice but to get behind him to defeat Hillary. This causes me to dismiss ANYTHING he says, because I don’t care to listen to the ravings of a schizophrenic lunatic.

    P.S. – Dear Anonymous: If you want me to pay attention to you while still remaining anonymous, then put some kind of phony name on your posts to differentiate yourself from the other ignored ones. You can even make up a fake web address, it will still work. How hard is that to do?

    P.P.S. – If I sound irritated, it’s because I am. Grrr.


  39. Thanks Fur I was about to say the same thing.
    How do you reach people that won’t listen or ignore the facts?

  40. How do I push Trump to the right without calling out the stupid non-conservative stuff he keeps doing? Does he hate my State or something? Ellmers is horrible! I guess pointing out his horrible stance on Mexican judges is off limits too? You say he doesn’t need to convince me to vote for him, I need to convince myself, yet every time I think I just might be able to do it, he says something stupid. He certainly isn’t making it easy.

  41. BTW, I disagree about the Pelosi thing. The bill wasn’t even written when it was passed, that’s why we had to pass it to find out what’s in it. She also said that once it became law we will love it. Similarly, many people say that all the doubters will love Trump once he is voted for and put in office. It’s a fair analogy in that context.

  42. Mr. Menderman — I disagree. Are you surprised? 🙂

    Trump’s platform and what he has said about each of the — and many more — issues is there for all to see. I can explain them to you, but I can’t understand them for you.

  43. AA – are you being “purposely provocative and unnecessarily rude” to Menderman?

    Seriously, I get that you are talking about what Trump has SAID about the issues, you don’t have to “understand” them for us. What some people have concerns about is not what is SAYS, but what he DOES, for instance this endorsement. Why is that so hard for you to understand? Are you being deliberately obtuse or will you just brook no criticism of Trump whatever?

  44. RLC — One thing that would help immensely is if you would leave the 1:1 conversations I am having with someone alone. Each person here has there own history with particular commenters. And, no, I am not trying to be rude with Mr. M. But you do have the habit of trying to make a ‘thing’ out of stuff that is noyb.

    It’s a beautiful day here in the NW. I’m going outside to play. Have a good one.

  45. AA – if you want to have a private conversation with Menderman, take it to email. Otherwise it is public. Geez you and cracker boy sure have a thing about banning and controlling people, don’t you?

  46. Menderman – LOL. And she continued her harangue at me on a different thread so she wouldn’t have to address your statement.

  47. @BFH, It depends on your definition of Evangelical. A lot of people that call themselves Evangelicals are also NeverTrump. And a lot of the talk show hosts that call themselves Evangelicals are also never Trump. That group is a LOT larger than you are being led to believe and Trump is doing nothing to court them. Actually, he is daily giving them reasons not to vote for him.

  48. Mr. M — I think you know that I have no expectations of my comments being private, either. How can they be? But I am usually careful to preface certain comments with @XXXX to make sure that I mean to respond only to @XXXX. Hasn’t that been the unstated rule — kind of like the debates where you’re free to respond if you’ve been asked directly or if you were part of the argument? I generally don’t comment unless I’ve been part of the discussion, personally.

  49. I have asked before, and I will ask again.
    Who are the solid conservatives that Trump has endorsed?
    Also, why does he get a pass on endorsing deblasio? That endorsement was long after his “change of life”.
    Trump’s gut instincts lean hard to the left, that stuff someone else wrote and posted on his website notwithstanding.
    Trump is not a stupid man, his endorsements are thought out and deliberate. They tell us the kind of people he will be choosing to fill positions in our government.
    I hope he doesn’t put his friend Deblasio on the SCOTUS.

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