Who is the Nyetwit that came up with this law?


On April 22, a court in the Novgorod region fined local resident Yuri Kartyzhev 30,000 rubles (about $470) for violating Russia’s new law against insulting state officials. The man was found guilty of sharing two posts on the social network VKontakte where he allegedly wrote “Putin is an unbelievable fuckwit.” Kartyzhev’s sentence marks the first known enforcement of this new curtailment of free speech.

In posts on VKontakte, Kartyzhev constantly criticizes the Russian government. Based on the evidence in his case (copies of which Meduzahas obtained), Kartyzhev was at home on March 31 when he shared two videos about the Russian authorities, one about Moscow deciding to send $30 million in foreign aid to Kyrgyzstan and the other about a survey of the political party United Russia’s popularity in Kostroma. According to screenshots of both VKontakte posts, Kartyzhev added the comment “Putin is an unbelievable fuckwit” to each video.

Kartyzhev told Meduza that he did share both videos, but he insists that he never spelled out any full obscenities, writing only: “Putin is an unbelievable f***wit.” He says the police apparently hacked his VKontakte account and edited the posts, so the word “fuckwit” appeared uncensored.


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9 Comments on Who is the Nyetwit that came up with this law?

  1. Seems governments always benefit most from curtailment of free speech. Hmmmm.
    Just so that kinda thing doesn’t happen here, there should be a law protecting speech for everyone….oh wait!

  2. Of course being fined is much better than being shot in the back of the head…………..
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  3. No wonder the Democraps, media, Universities, and the leftist ‘hate America’ crowd love Putin so much!


    Sounds like a special, Russian-modified, Chinese social credit system.

  5. “Fuckwit,” I love it. More direct than “caitiff.”
    Lots of fuckwits here from the smallest village to Washington DC. I will heretofore use it with abandon.
    Fathead Nadler, Shiff for brains. and Swallowell, for example, are fuckwits.

  6. If Putin is a fuckwit, doesn’t that make him eligible for membership in the Congressional Progressive Caucus?


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