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Who is This Guy as Notre Dame Cathedral Burns?

Footage emerged on Twitter and many are wondering who the person was.


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  1. Maybe the season will see Christians and Muslims burning each others stuff down. The Beardies seem to think the importance of religion is in the stuff you have, funny dat.

  2. “Muslim fire safety engineer.”

    Jimmy, I’ve heard that the Paris FD is loaded with muslims. Don’t know how true that is, but yesterday, Ilhan Omar tweeted this:

    “Thinking of the people of Paris and praying for every first responder trying to save this wonder.”

    Wonder, indeed.

  3. It’s Mohammed Bin Muhammed albinskaker Mohammad. His street name is Billy the goat Phuker or at least that is how it translates from Arabic into French and then into English.

  4. Where is the video clip showing this? With all the media crews there, someone must have recorded this. I am not Catholic, but no doubt Catholics in Paris would consider this man a hero deserving of a medal. I would say he is far more important than the “unknown” figure that may or may not be really there since image fakery can now be done to look like reality.

    “I did not know the actual crown of thorns Jesus wore was in Notre Dame Cathedral
    Guess what? The fire department Chaplain ran into the cathedral while it was burning, and saved the crown of thorns. Some people were worried it was destroyed. As it turns out, it was not destroyed.
    If he had done that in the United States, he’d have been cited for a “work place safety violation” and FIRED. Kudos
    to the brave man!”


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