Who wrote “Get yourself a good lawyer and sue that no good son of a bitch, Edward M. Kennedy” back in 1969?

Dear Mr. Kopechne, assert yourself in the interests of the good name of your daughter. Get yourself a good lawyer and sue that no good son of a bitch, Edward M. Kennedy, for everything he’s got. There were no mitigating circumstances. His TV speech was written for him by a dozen lawyers and speechmakers, and was not his own. The cheap two-bit hypocrite! Sincerely,









Muhammad Ali Cassius Clay.”


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  1. By the time that letter was written, In fact before she was buried, the payoff to her parents had already been made.

  2. Yahoo had a whitewash of him article up yesterday. It would sound plausible to lefty sycophants and the brain dead lefties.

    Can’t find the story now.

  3. Mr. Kopechne was bought off. What would the price of a daughter be?
    All the Kennedy’s are trash.
    Sign on a Baptist Church in Muskogee Oklahoma years ago, “If God thought money was important he would have given it to a better class of people.”

  4. Teddy was still slated for POTUS. Mr. K would have met with his own untimely and mysterious demise.

    On the upside, a dying, terrified Teddy allegedly begged the pope to say many prayers to get him into heaven. I take solace in the fact that it didn’t work.

  5. I think the payoff to her parents was that they weren’t Massachusettcided, an older and not as virulent form of Arkancide.

  6. Fast forward to today and its the same old same old that Democraps just do not suffer for their many, varied and abominable acts!

  7. Ali had the right idea and I’m sure it was his sentiments but he had an IQ of 80. That sentence was written for him too. {mitigating circumstances} doesn’t sound like him.

  8. From the moment the crime became public, the truth was plain to any honest person.

    That half the country ‘lionized’ him rather than shunning him for decades, and continued to vote for that scumbag, speaks to the real issue. Plus, the compliant, supportive Media.

    Never forget ALL the politicians who supported ‘Teddy”, whether they wore a D or an R. Shitbirds of a feather. Not patriots.

  9. The same of it is the Muhammad Ali was the only celebrity at the time to write such a letter.

    Imagine if this had happened to a Republican today, with social media. The rabid left would have melted the internet with their hate.

  10. In a perfect world, that bloated bastard would have been snuffed out in his 1964 plane crash. His legislation and his murder of Mary Jo would have spared the nation much anguish.

  11. Gin Blossom – Maybe the first draft was:
    Float like a butterfly, stang like a bee
    Call an attorney and say sue-eeeeeeeeee!

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