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Whole Foods, in the Heart of Liberal Utopia, Closing Because of Theft and Safety Concerns

How can they pin this on the right?

San Francisco is a progressive bastion, there are virtually no conservatives. The people they want to give billions in reparations to have forced a progressive business to shutter its doors.


After a short stint in downtown San Francisco, the Whole Foods at 1185 Market St. is closing this week.

The Whole Foods at Trinity Place is set to close on April 11, a Whole Foods Market spokesperson confirmed with SFGATE. The San Francisco Standard first reported the upcoming closure.

“To ensure the safety of our Team Members, we have made the difficult decision to close the Trinity store for the time being,” a Whole Foods Market spokesperson said in a statement via email. “All Team Members will be transferred to one of our nearby locations.”

In the statement, the Whole Foods Market spokesperson suggested that the grocery store could reopen in the future, although specific details were not provided. The spokesperson also did not elaborate on what safety concerns led the company to close the Trinity Place market.

Last November, the San Francisco Standard reported that the Whole Foods location at Trinity Place had limited its store hours following “high theft” and “hostile people,” according to a statement from a store manager who was granted anonymity by the outlet.  


The left has complete control of everything in San Fran. This is the petri dish.

How do the left’s policies look?

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  1. “Whole Foods -> Stole Foods”

    My aching head, so you’re saying Whole Foods steal their food?

    Whole Foods, although a Libtard Bastion depends on the people with money shopping at their stores. Otherwise know as Conservatives. Although I rarely shop there, that place does have some of the best red meat I’ve ever seen. And if you haven’t actually shopped there please, I don’t need your two cents. I’m on a quest right now to find a meat supplier that can assure me they’re not supplying “Jabbed Meat”. They are one of the ones I’ve e mailed. I’ve emailed about twenty. Mostly on line guys. So far, no replies.

  2. joe6pak
    Yea, wtf? I’m hitting a local butcher up tomorrow. He gets all his meat from local guys. I’ve asked if this whole thing is real from the butchers at my local super markets.
    Here’s another thought. I’m certain I read early on that a certain amount of stratigery was involved in shipping the jab because it was temperature sensitive. So what temp kills the Rmna? As a consumer I’m getting tired of being lied to.

  3. Joe and Brad

    I don’t remember where you guys are, but I reccomend buying a freezer and contacting a local small farmer. Then have a local butcher process it for you.

    I’m lucky enough to be able to get mine from my nephew who is just starting our, which also helps him.

  4. Hunter

    Excellent advice and where I think I’m headed. Although I hate cooking previously frozen beef. To me, it just doesn’t taste the same.
    I watched the head of the American Cattleman’s Association being grilled by a state legislature today on IG. I think it was Missouri. The guy was defiant as hell and would not give a straight answer. Which tells me, look fxcking out. Suddenly beef is woke.

  5. Time to go hunting wild pigs again; I know they aren’t injected with any mrna garbage. I still have some meat from my last boar but I’d better re-stock.

  6. “Whole Foods -> Stole Foods”

    I interpreted that as the Whole reason that they are shutting down their operation there.
    Too much Wholesale pilfering!

    As a side note, nobody’s even stealing BudLight!

  7. That bag salad with your steak? Is it clean? How do you know? Your can of soup? Your tater tots? Fresh vegetables or ‘fresh frozen’ vegetables are a commonplace in our world and very desirable in winter when the garden isn’t producing.

    Where does the restaurant get its supplies? Fast food? The grease bar at the quickie mart?

    If they even talk about it they’re likely already doing it… for your own good of course.

    Shorten your supply chain as well as you can and, the tough part, learn how to do without things that aren’t in season or preserved by you or your trusted sources.

    Kind of like the dope business before the cartels got hold of it, not so much the opioids or cocaine but everything else. My guy has clean stuff or he isn’t my guy.

  8. Shut down Starbutts in San Francisco, and see what happens. I think this is great what’s happening. Americans will be bailing out The City by the Bay. The great liberal experiment in San Francisco has failed. When you see IT companies moving out of SF, you know things are bad. Oh, and walking around a known dangerous city at 2:30 am will get you killed.


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