Whoopi Falls Back On Her “Last Ditch” Defense

Exclaiming “Get out of my vagina!,” Whoopi Goldberg summed up the most dreadful image known to mankind on The View recently.  It was invoked in a feeble attempt to defend Planned Parenthood from those seeking to defund it.

Whoopi's Va Jay Jay

An artist’s rendering of Whoopi’s Va-Jay-Jay

What her private parts have to do with the continued federal funding of the baby butchers is anybody’s guess.


30 Comments on Whoopi Falls Back On Her “Last Ditch” Defense

  1. All seriousness aside: before she was hideous she was just pretty ugly.

    And NO, not her “persona” – it’s been straight up hideous since the beginning.

  2. Indeed, they are the ones obsessed with murdering their children and the solution is to not have an unwanted pregnancy in the first place.

    Real alpha men, not beta males, would not want to mate with these half-lesbians (based on their antipathy towards men) anyway, so it’s a win-win.

  3. Defending the butchering of helpless infants tells me every ugly thing I need to know about this woman. God help us if people
    like this live among us.

  4. Fine. You want me out of your va-jay-jay? Then quit getting the Gooberment to continue picking MY pocket to pay for YOUR va-jay-jay. Pay for YOUR va-jay-jay out of YOUR own pocket, not MY pocket.

    And if you voluntarily want to pay for the care and feeding of someone else’s va-jay-jay out of your own pocket, that works too. Just don’t ask, or force (via Gooberment via taxes) me to participate.

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