Who’s the boss?

Of the four members of the “squad,” one has to be the leader. None of them have outright proclaimed any other as the one in charge. The body language among members during their recent joint press conference indicates who they all defer to in a time of stress. Watch


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  1. I would think the boss is the person took a squat and pushed out these four turds. In fact, they should be known as the squat.

  2. Which one has the least privilege? What, they all do ?

    Each claims the right to speak for the weak and oppressed.

    None are Americans in thought word or deed.

    Each represents a clearly defined interest(s) group.

    Trump as usual is always right!!!

  3. Just looking at the perpetual bitch face on Tlaib you can see she wants it all.
    Amazing that people can stand in front of millions and lie so boldly.
    They’ll be their own downfall but the next group will say the same things a bit milder and people won’t think so badly of it if they aren’t really listening.
    Kind of like when Madonna first came on the scene. Everyone thought how horrible and sacrilegious it was for her to use Madonna as her name. After a while everyone got used to it.

  4. Man, I just cannot watch that rat crap long enough to get the point. Besides, we don’t need body language to know the ‘queen rat’ of the apocalypse horsewomen.

  5. I’m surprised she didn’t mention boss Omar rolling up her notes like she was going to beat bad dog Pressley for not getting off the couch fast enough. And also the way boss Omar was rubbing her hands like she was putting on lotion just before she elbowed Cortez aside. That scrawny Somali is a squirming little ball of fury who will be led wherever the real leader, President Trump, wants to lead her.

  6. They’re more like the Three Musketeers to me. Pressley is the one who they allow to help them every now and then.

    Asshole, Punthole and Hairymiss. And Shartagnan.

  7. They, along with the Dem party, have been tied together in one masterful stroke by Trump. Bela Pelosi has been trying to distance these children from the party for months. Trump forced their hand and made them defend all four which in turn legitimizes their policies and their stances in the Dem party. Brilliance!


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