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Who’s the Sword Smasher?

I can’t explain this entry.

Let’s just say I have a reason for posting this, mysterious as it is.

And watch, it’ll get 50 comments. lol

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  1. I’m thinking of doing an app called , ‘Swords with friends’ I’m going to have Jenner and wiener help with the promotion of it. 🌮⚔️🌭

  2. “Sword Swallower” Hmm. Both words start with “sw” but “sword” is pronounced “sord”. Why isn’t “swallower” pronounced “sallower”? This burning question will NOT keep me awake tonight.

  3. Is it something to do with the emblem of the sword on the Saudi flag? In which case Trump, while “dancing” the sword dance with all the king’s men, actually winds up being the one to break the Saudi (Wahabbi)hold on Islam and thus symbolically smashing the sword. My, BFH, you are certainly cryptic today with this one. Dragged me out of semi-retirement to join your comment challenge!

  4. The brave Knight, wielder of the sword smasher, the more he fought and killed the more pale and transparent he became until he was invisible.
    The Knight took the head of the enemy general and won the final battle.
    As his soldiers celebrated, he was struck in the heart by a lone arrow, his death went unnoticed.

    So the story goes.

  5. Appearing from Riyadh on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace this morning, Secretary Tillerson fielded a slightly offbeat question and responded with what (outside President Trump’s speech) may have been the quote of the day (transcript here). Wallace observed that Tillerson “looked pretty good” doing the traditional Arab sword dance in which he participated upon his arrival yesterday. “And I have to tell you,” Wallace added, “you looked pretty good while you were doing it – frankly, more comfortable than the President or Commerce Secretary Ross. Had you been practicing, sir?”

    Tillerson responded: “Well, I hadn’t been practicing, Chris, but it was not my first sword dance.”

  6. Luke 22:36
    He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one.

  7. No one within the sound of my writing, heh, will admit to being the Sword Smasher?

    This has to do with something that was sent to me from a “SwordSmasher.” It was a good thing. I want to be able to thank them. (I’m not being sarcastic. It was a very nice gesture and I have no way of telling them how appreciative I was without making this post.)

    Send me an email at BigFurHat.mail@gmail.com

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