Why are we so understanding towards the crimes of Communism?

BabaluBlog- It is a sick phenomenon that those of us who advocate for Cuba’s freedom deal with on a daily basis: the inexplicable defense and love held by otherwise educated people for the vile and murderous Castro regime. Nevertheless, Cuba is not the only victim of the callous and ignorant.

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Other countries who have suffered under the tyrannical yoke of communism also suffer from this phenomenon and its cause is not pure ignorance as it may appear. Like cockroaches, communist find a way to survive in any environment.  MORE

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  1. Dad,really,3 kids out of College,my God,Dad,did you hear what Bernie had to say?/
    Help me.
    They all work,but not for JPM

  2. Simple answer. The communists write the history books, and teach our children. Communism has always presented itself as the common mans champion. It is defined, and refined,by power hungry intellectuals, packaged to the masses. Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, are given a pass, Hitler is evil incarnate.
    Evil as he was, compared to Communism, Hitler is a wannabe.

  3. Path of least resistance to the unsuspecting complacent masses who quite frankly enjoy their progressively enslaving servitude. Freedom? Oh! That must be CONTINUALLY fought for.

  4. I jokingly say Blame Reagan for the acceptability of Communism nowadays.
    When I grew up, there were people getting shot for trying to escape over the Berlin Wall.
    It was easy for the old folks to say “People are dying to get out of Communist countries – literally.” Communism was actually kinda scary.
    Now (thanks to Reagan/Thatcher/Walesa and the Pope), there are no stark reminders such as the Wall – people fly into and out of China daily, and the media ignores North Korea.
    And – the school books are being written by the likes of Bill Ayres, who has infiltrated deeply into the educational system.

  5. After 10 years of debating with libs, I’ve yet run into one who knows the difference between Competitive Free Market Capitalism, and communism. But they’re convinced Capitalism is evil and socialism is the answer. They have no idea why Cubans risk their lives to make it to America. I have no idea why Cubans who get here support leftists.

  6. Whatever level of acceptance that is made for the crimes of communism is undoubtedly made by the 47% of Americans that either identify with or are leaning toward the Marxist viewpoint! Like with the muzzies, it ain’t a crime if other muzzies are the ones doing it, then it is right, appropriate and necessary!

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