Why doesn’t the AARP seem to care about volatile insulin prices?


By Jonathan Decker

Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) recently made waves claiming that pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are to blame for the volatility of insulin prices.  It’s a bold statement, to be sure.  But here’s the thing: the senator is absolutely right — and PolitiFact has confirmed as much.

On January 31, 2021, PolitiFact partnered with The Daily Iowan to release a fact-check on Grassley’s statement, ultimately providing the senator with its highest rating of “True” on the organization’s Truth-O-Meter™.  “With their complicated discount negotiations,” PolitiFact concludes, PBMs play a role in driving upward the cost of insulin in America.

One fact that may surprise many is that the net price of insulin has been decreasing for years.  But much to the dismay of those who depend on the drug to survive, those negotiated savings are rarely shared directly with patients — who see the list price of the drug climbing.  As a result, patients with chronic conditions (like diabetes) are paying higher out-of-pocket costs.  And unfortunately, PBMs’ business practices only exacerbate the situation. READ MORE

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  1. Greed of money is pathetic, greed of power is reprehensible, greed of money AND power is unacceptable.

    THEY are the ones drawing the lines.

  2. AARP is only in this for the money they can pocket. What a ripoff. There endorsements are for sale to the highest bidder just like congressmen.

  3. AARP
    Aged Asshole Repulsive Progressives. They’re fucking Communists. And they prey on the weak. Fuck AARP.

  4. “Oh boy, there’s a duplicate thread below this one.
    Now’s the chance to double your hate for the AARP. 😂”…

    OK, Liberty Mutual is one of their common insurance companies ther recommend/represent and they suck in a generally sucky direction…as do ALL insurance companies…PFFFTTTT!!!!

  5. AARP is just another organization PRETENDING to serve society when in reality they are run by commies seeking to destroy it.

  6. The AARP effecively is the largest health insurance company in America.

    Health insurance companies don’t pay the “list price” for anything. That is for scamming people who pay for health insurance into paying overly large fake co-pays, and for punishing people who don’t pay for health insurance with obscene stratospheric fake bills, and for glomming taxpayer funds from Medicare and Medicaid in all the rest of the cases where the government is paying.

  7. I get my insulin at Wal-Mart.
    About $35 for a box of 5 pens. Another $15 for needles.
    So, about $65/mo. No ‘script needed.
    Doesn’t affect my Part D annual maximum.

  8. when did aarp ever care about it’s members on any subject.

    just another money grubbing scam like npr, pp, naacp, aclu, splc….

    don’t work, live off federal handouts….life is good

  9. AARP management is slapfull of far left Progressive Socialist assholes. Been a happy member of AMAC five years now.

    And if you are fed up with AARP junk mail? Just cross out your name and write on the envelope “Deceased – Left No Forwarding Address”. Takes about a year but eventually the short-bus window-licking dumbssses at AARP get the idea and stop sending you their junk mail

  10. I quit AARP years ago when I saw Harry Bellefonte and Susan Sarandon on the cover of “Modern Maturity.”

  11. “pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs)”

    That’s rubbing it in your faces.

    My late brother was right. Too much money to be made.

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