Why Is The Left Triggered By Rittenhouse?

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It was the type of gun, Rittenhouse was carrying, and the fact that it put on a clinic of answers to the question the left always wants to ask:

Why does anyone need an AR-15?

In a few short minutes, Rittenhouse dispatched three threats without killing anyone else around him.  He was a 17-year-old kid, using what they would like to label as an indiscriminate weapon of war, which, by their very understanding of the firearm, should have seen Rittenhouse shooting everywhere and hitting nothing except innocent bystanders who happened to find themselves in the line of fire.  But that wasn’t the case.  The majority of Rittenhouse’s shots hit their intended targets. More

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  1. The left was triggered (!) by legal gun-owning private citizen and non-govt agent Kyle’s KILLING of leftist rioters.

    The left has de facto and virtually de jure control of armed govt agents, and so want to put Kyle away for the rest of his life in a VERY vigorous prosecution (and it was very vigorous given the almost total absence of any evidence against his righteous claim of self defense) to frighten and dissuade the rest of us.

    At the same time, the regime propagandists and censors have made it almost impossible for there to be any rational and informed discussion of what actually happened in Kenosha.

    That Rittenhouse defended himself with an AR-15 is of little importance. Scott Hounsell’s take is foolish.

  2. “Why Is The Left Triggered By Rittenhouse? ”
    Great question Doc Tar. Here’s my thoughts. His actions, and ability, scare the shit out of the activist libtards. They feel they have the right to destroy businesses in the name of social justice with out penalty. I don’t think so bitches. More importantly he’s white. The new bad color. Every Libtard reported bangs this into the ground.
    Pay attention to the new commercials on your TV. THe only whites that appear are portraid to be total morons being saved by the superior black intellect.
    I don’t think I have a single racist bone in my body. But this shits going way over the top.
    In other words, quite trying to socially engineer me. It won’t work you miserable pricks.

  3. They felt ENTITLED to burn, loot, riot.
    It had been percolating for a long time.
    All it took was a catalyst.
    It didn’t matter that it was a criminal piece of shit, they were waiting for anything to let loose.

    Trump tried to get things under control with the National Guard but was stifled by local dems in charge.

    Then one night a young man comes along and caps a couple of thugs.
    What? How dare he?
    They had a fucking LICENSE sanctioned by the governor to riot and burn!

    Nature abhors a vacuum and Kyle filled it.

    Seriously, the entire Summer of 2020 should righteously have been the Summer of “fuck around, find out.”
    Ultimately some assholes did…

  4. I have not heard this mentioned anywhere, it is 100% derived from my own experience and observations of the progressive movement over the last half century. Living close to Seattle and Portland has provided me with the opportunity to develop my understanding of the left and even more to test my theories. For the last week I have had the opportunity to sit quietly, listen to, deconstruct and critically analyze their rhetoric. They speak freely among each other and I have the opportunity to take in what they are saying each day during my almost two hours daily commute.

    What must be kept in mind when considering how willing the left is to condemn Kyle Rittenhouse is that for the last couple years they have been living vicariously through the actions carried out by the active participants in these riots.

    When Kyle used a fire extinguisher to put out the fires started by ANTIFA, that was their fire that Kyle extinguished. When these three miscreants were stopped from committing violence on Kyle Rittenhouse their alter ego was stopped from committing violence on Kyle Rittenhouse. Kyle Rittenhouse used deadly force against their alter ego and in two instances killed their alter ego.

    They will use such phrasing as: I have never supported the rioters, and am not sympathetic to their actions, but I can understand their motivation, that is nonsense and diametrically opposed to the truth.

    They are taking this personally, because it is personal to them. What they are afraid of is Kyle Rittenhouse stood up to THEIR bully tactics and if Kyle Rittenhouse is not punished for attacking them they are worried that their days of unchallenged bullying are numbered. Every stinking one of them believes in bully tactics, there isn’t a Single one of them who is not an aspiring tyrant and if there is one thing a bully cannot tolerate it is anyone who will actually stand up to them.

  5. Another thing that occurred to me is the narrative that they’ve had for a year is being imploded.
    The MSM can’t take another loss this big.
    Their lies exposed just like Russia collusion.
    They rely on the ability to lie with impunity.

    Of course they will reap one benefit if Kyle is acquitted.
    They will get more unrest and racial strife.
    “White privilege wins again!”

  6. I do not think it mattered what type of weapon he had. He fought back against the mob, and was trying to save his life. Whether it was an AR-15, a glock 9mm, or a 1911 .45. The left would still vilify him because he did not let the left kill, or at least maim him

  7. All deep fakery by the lefty lame lib-lobe meth-head psychopaths who are long known as child, elderly, handicapped, and animal abusers not to mention child seks traffickers, child rape predators, and sly racist white supremacists. Think: the PEDOPHILE OF THE UNITED STATES.

  8. They hate him because:
    1) he is good
    2) he has a purpose which he defined for himself
    3) he is not a victim
    4) he is independent in his actions, behaviour, and thought
    5) he is mature at 17, Not an infinite adolescent like most young modern adults
    6) He is selfless, much more than the average
    7) He acts within the law but without awaiting government instructions
    8) He actually has a talent.
    9) he is a Common Man who is reasonable, which currently makes him Uncommon.
    10) he is Humble
    11) he has a voice.

    Its NOT THE GUN. “THEY” use the gun as a symbol to rally against.
    It is the REAL, MAN they fear who WILL NOT BE A VICTIM.

    In my humble and uneducated opinion, that is why they HATE Rittenhouse.

  9. Remember dead criminals no longer commit crimes. Rittenhouse did us a phone blic service even Floyd no longer commits crimes

  10. When the Vikings started raiding the French coast, some Nobles suggested to Charlemagne that the peasants be allowed to organize themselves and carry pikes.

    Charlemagne demurred, telling the Nobles that that would give the peasants a sense of their worth and make them more difficult to control.

    Rittenhouse is THE exemplar of a peasant who acted in self-defense, and the “left” recognizes this and knows that if it spreads other peasants might begin to have a sense of their worth – endangering the “left’s” whole, vile, corrupt, usurped edifice.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Brad,

    Good post. Saw a meme yesterday…

    “You [white person] may not see color, but color sure as hell sees YOU. “

  12. We learned everything we needed to know during the George Zimmerman trial: There is no concept of—or right to—self defense that the left will accept when it is applied by a conservative against one of their own. Race ultimately does not matter, and trying to create scenarios with it as the centerpiece misses the point, which is that the left has a right to murder and mayhem if their targets are political opponents who dare to resist.

    Michael Reinoehl would be a free man walking the streets of Portland today if Aaron Danielson had taised even a hand against him, much less a knife or gun. People on the right start out as evil in the eyes of our current leftist-dominated court system, and they almost have to justify their very existence before they can attempt to justify preserving that existence.

  13. The comments above are probably the greatest of the day? And as an added bonus a lot of Truth to them.
    If the left is successful of ramrodding this kid into jail, how many innocent people will die because people will be fearful of standing up and shooting back? It’s bad enough now. Remember in Arizona when Gabby took a bullet to the head there were four concealed carrier’s in that crowd that failed to pull their guns that day? I understand why. You need to know what you need to do before you have to do it, and where that line is.

  14. They’re freaked because he was so good at killing rioting left wing trash, whom the police are not allowed to do a goddamn motherfucking thing about. The left knows what’s fucking coming of they go too far. They’re also upset because Rittenhouse offed a kiddie raper, who are the latest sacred cows for the degenerate libruhl chattering classes.

  15. The Left hates Rittenhouse because it has put the Revolution on hold. If one 17 year old can hold his ground against a mob with a kill/wounded of 3 to 1 AND still be standing they now know if they go full tilt smash & grab the power they will go down worse than The National German Worker’s Socialist Party’s Beer Hall Putsch circa 1923.

    They realize their army of pedos, women beaters & soyboys needs more training or the 2 A gets repealed. The latter is the more likely option for those losers. So the on hold it is… for now

  16. the left deliberately set out to destroy a virtuous good kid

    the left can’t declare any moral high ground with the suppressed truth finally exposed & now we can’t unsee how evil & wicked the left truly are

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