Why Public Option Won’t Save Obamacare

Last month Obama and the Democrats proposed that the way to revitalize health insurance markets in regions where Obamacare insurance plans are all but extinct would be to bring the government in to be an insurer – the Public Option.

 Besides being just another name for Single Payer, this solution won’t address the underlying problems and like all Democrat social welfare schemes it will add to the out of control and unsustainable spending by the federal government.

 Why Public Option is no option at all, Here

As someone living in a rural community I would be very, very, very resentful of a government that destroyed the private health insurance market then replaced it with its own plan, only to leave more affluent regions with a viable private market.  Very resentful.

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  1. Kaiser is not for profit. It is competitive with private insurers, but not dominant. So there goes argument #1.
    Kaiser also can’t afford to lose money. The government doesn’t care about losing money, which as always guarantees that it will lose money.

  2. He wrote, “There are two unavoidable realities of making the American health-care system less costly: Americans must use less care, and our nation’s legion of well-paying, stable jobs in the health-care sector need to be both less numerous and less well paid”

    Now I’m not a “health care professional” but I see a third way and that is to get the government 100% out of medical care. That means no more free tax ride for employer provided health care plans. That means no more 1,000s of pages of regulations. This means allowing insurance companies to sell their policies nationally. No more policies requiring men to have pregnancy converge. Putting government in between you and your provider is ridiculous.

    It means health savings accounts. It means I can buy a catastrophic policy. Until recently, I had one and guess what? It never paid one fucking dime towards any medical care I had over the years. But if blew out my leg snowboarding, most of that would be covered(after the high deductible). That’s what insurance is.

    My car insurance is less than $100/month. It doesn’t cover oil changes or wind shield wipers but since the 50s it’s gradually been assumed that you can visit a doctor for $5. I paid cash, got a 50% discount. I had a small hernia-I shopped around, found a doctor and used his facility for less then 40% of what insurance would be billed. My last colonoscopy was $500 to the doctor and $500 to the hospital(I had to pay the hospital in advance)

    It also means if you’re irresponsible, have gone on holidays and have the latest Oakleys but no health insurance, then you’re not going to get the best care available.

    What the hell happened to personal responsibility?

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