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Why Trump Is Defining This Election

Here’s an interesting read on seven reasons Donald Trump has been in the lead among Republican presidential candidates since entering the race.



Those considering running in the future should take note and learn.

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  1. Okay. How about some good news?

    We are a mere SEVEN MONTHS from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

    Seven. Months.

    Barring the dirty tricks that the shitstains and crapweasels in the GOPe will undoubtedly pull to cost Trump his nomination (at which they will FAIL, BTW)…

    DONALD J. TRUMP will be, as the Presidential nominee, the de facto LEADER OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY!

    And just seven short months away!

    Put another way, the Republican party, as it’s currently construed, is VERY NEARLY ALREADY KAPUT. GOPe? YOU’RE FIRED!

    So smile, sit back, and let that thought warm your soul!

  2. Thanks, Chief! Never thought I’d want to go to Cleveland in the summer but hey, if Trump is the nominee, I want to be there!

  3. I just heard that there are “rumors” of some “prophecies” going on in the church (the church in general) that 0bama will suspend elections and have a 3rd term due to a “crisis.”

    I did some googling and there is some of that going on out there but it looks like the only Biblical basis for this “prophecy” to work is if 0bama is the antichrist, so not sure there is anything legit there. (0bama is not liked nearly enough globally to be the antichrist)

    Regardless, if you believe such things as prophecies happen, and you pray, might as well go start praying even harder that this stain leaves office at the end of his term if not sooner.

  4. also supposedly there was an executive order where he can suspend elections in a “crisis” that is part of the rumor going around.

    This all sounds familiar.

    Bottom line is that if **I** am hearing this rumor it must be getting widespread.

  5. Chief – I’ve actually met Don Trump. One on one and not at some meet & greet gathering. Back in the mid-80’s. The dude is straight up, no bullshit. He tells it like it is. “Ya did good”, ” Ya did okay” or “Ya screwed up but this what you need to do good next time.”

    I didn’t fuck up then and while he and I have minor differences now on how this country should be run, I’d vote for him in a heartbeat.

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