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Why Trump Must Run

American Thinker:

By J.R. Dunn

The final take on the disastrous Mar-a-Lago raid and its noxious aftermath – the latest in a series of “killing blows” aimed at Donald Trump and the movement he created — is that Trump must run once again for president and must win. The logic behind this is simple: the Deep State, in its slow, dull-witted, and utterly inept way, is making its big move, and Trump is the only visible figure who can stand against this. The Left is well aware of this, and is terrified.

Consider the timeline: on August 7, the Senate passed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” dramatically expanding government spending, including doubling the size of the IRS. The next day, Mar-a-Lago was raided, permanently rupturing the modus vivendi that has underlain the American political system since its founding. Two days later, it was revealed that the drastically expanded IRS was looking to hire gunmen “willing to use lethal force.” Two days after that, the inflation act was passed by the House.

In due time, we got Biden’s Demon Lord speech, which cast over half the populace as enemies of the state, to the delight of the hard Left, followed by Countess Hochula, speaking from her castle deep in the Adirondacks banning Republicans from her realm.

Since then, we’ve seen dozens of Trump attorney, aides, and even mere supporters arrested, subpoenaed, and otherwise harassed by an out-of-control Justice Department. The depth here was probably reached with the ensnarement of enemy of the people Mike Lindell by three carloads of FBI agents at a Hardee’s drive-in. (Why no chopper gunships? I assume they were down for maintenance.)

This progression of events is no accident, comrades. Things like this don’t “just happen” – they are made to happen. It clearly demonstrates that the woke elite intends to take things to another level, challenging its opponents – which is to say, the American people — directly. How far this will go, whether to open police action or 2020-style targeting by Antifa and related elements, is impossible to say. But one thing we can take for granted is that this represents, at the very least, an intention, and that the Left will attempt as much as it can get away with. more here

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  1. If for no other reason, so I can watch the look on Pelosi, Shumer, Nadler, Cheney, Hillary, Barkey, Biden, AOC, Abrams, Leslie Stahl, Chrissy Wallace and about 1000 other cocksuckers faces.

    Better than a Hockey Fight!

  2. Collectively, IOTW readers are way ahead of the American Stinker, just sayen. They always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. Not that I don’t appreciate them.

  3. The list of pardons on President Donald J. Trump’s desk come January 21, 2025 is long and getting longer.

    January 6th defendants along with anyone who had their homes raided or their phones taken by those cocksucking evil bastards at the FBI & DOJ…

  4. I’m not sure there’s going to be a 2022 election? The level of cheat is too high in most places.
    Expect something to postpone it. Com shut down? Blame Russia?
    The end of October me thinks?
    One thing for sure, they can’t stop now.

  5. Not that Ron DeSantis isn’t a viable candidate, but President Donald Trump has a lot of unfinished business. He’s the only one that can finish it. We must support him!

  6. Toenex

    Just read the big brains investigating this shit think every state, every county has been infiltrated by progressive and to expect a land slide for Democrats. I’m from Cali and can tell you this has been going on here for at least ten years. Except for NorCal. But NorCal really doesn’t matter.

  7. If we don’t voat harderer for Ivanka’s daddy, who’ll lock Hillary up?

    Why!? Why!? MAGAts might actually do something! You hear that Bolsheviks!? Do something! Fer reals, this time. In a few years. If we decide elections don’t matter. As long as we get to keep, proudly, paying our taxes. Oooh! Hear that IRS new model army? We’re gonna’ pay so much taxes, while waiting to voat harderer, that we’re gonna shame you! Feel the burn!? You just wait. MAGAts sure will.

  8. fnuck, watch out who you’re calling MAGAts you ignorant, incoherent, drug-addled, ADD poster-boy sack of shit!

  9. joe6pak,

    “Unfinished Business”, I like that.

    That’s actually how I feel, except now there is a HELL of a lot more to fix than before his first term.


  10. Agreed.
    Joe6 if you print up red hats and shirts that read:
    “Unfinished Business 2024” or
    “MAGA 2024-47 Unfinished Business”

    or such and traveled to Trump rallies across the nation in the next two years selling them you could make a small fortune…

    How about “Unfinished Business Tour 2024”
    Then print a bunch of his rally venues on the back of the shirt like a concert T.

  11. Make a logo that say’s “You’re fired” that shows Trump kicking biden’s* ass in his typical geriatric rigor-mortis countenance.

    I can picture it perfectly!

  12. Grover Cleveland was a democrat* so Trump will be the first republican to do it.

    *Different democrat party then.
    They could define “woman”

  13. Another thing about Grover, he won the popular vote three elections in a row.
    Trump will do the opposite, yet win WHAT FUCKING COUNTS*

    *Stolen elections notwithstanding…

    81 million my Lilly White ass!

  14. Maybe BFH can come up with an appropriate banner with “UNFINISHED BUSINESS” incorporated into it. I like the hell out of his Paul Revere riding with his flag. We have good minds here, maybe we can come up with something good.

  15. Don is the only one WHO WILL FIGHT FOR “WORKING cLASS” AMERICANS! That is THE reason I want him.

  16. Electing Trump would send a message indeed: this time; he needs to give free rein on vigilantism for criminal democrats.
    I think a bounty would be nice.

  17. Hank the Skank – your ignorant, lockstep democrat opinion means less than nothing here.
    Go peddle your stupidity elsewhere.

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