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It’s about to Get Ugly for the Bidens


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  1. I don’t get excited about any of this stuff anymore. Anymore, I just sit back and watch the parade go by.

  2. Brown Eyed Girl

    Yep. Sure would like to see actual justice dispensed though. But then again I’ve heard nobody fucks with a Biden.

  3. This sounds suspiciously just like,”AH OH!, Bill Barr just hired John Durham to investigate Crossfire Hurricane. Those FBI clowns are in for it now, Durham knows how to, “Get his man”.

    With Garland running interference for the Biden Crime Family, I expect nothing to come of this, sorry, but none of you guys can be trusted.

  4. Believe it when I actually see something happen. How much evidence do they need? Until then the FBI is busy following leads that someone might have possibly heard something about a friend’s daughter’s boyfriend’s uncle’s neighbor talk about replying to a deleted forwarded private message on facebook discussing a possible interest of his friend of a friend’s grandmother attending DC on January 6th.

  5. The other issue for me is that Hunter is low-hanging fruit, a loser coke fiend who hangs around ugly Russian women.

    Until “The Big Guy” gets looked at hard, this is all theater.

  6. Clay Travis and Buck Sexton were theorizing on their show that Hunter gets indicted-then following that- Trump gets indicted on stoopid Jan6 or National Archives charges. This way the powers that be can claim bipartisanship. Also, looks bad for old Joe and it’ll be the way he gets the boot in 2024.

    No way it’s justice. It’s a plan.

  7. Jeeze, you guys have already covered what I have to say. What a cynical bunch.

    All I can add is that you’re right.

    This is just another tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.

    Another investigation to be quietly dropped.

    Da fix is in.

    And justice is out.

  8. So I’m listening to Hannity in the background, apparently the Judge that is receptive to this is a Trump appointed judge. But this all still needs to be run through the DOJ. Don’t hold your breath.

  9. The Deep State is not about to give up the narrative right before the midterms. In fact, I rather think something big is about to drop to cancel any public focus on this story.

  10. I’m still waiting to see Killary prosecuted for allowing the sale of Uranium assets to RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA and about 10 other things.

    Funny how even now NO ONE mentions the Killary-Russia Uranium Thingy.

  11. ICYMI
    The recent stopgap funding measure passed by congress included $12.3 Billion for Ukraine.
    Just filling the coffers.

    If the Bidens are on the the take from china, who’s on the payoff at the border from the cartels?

  12. I think Joe is gonna be gone after 1st…..then Hunter. It would be foolish to go after the son when the father can just pardon him.

    ….but then again, Joe isn’t the legit president. Trump is.

  13. There is no law, constitution, tradition, or any moral code that will stop the demonrat/liberals from getting what they want, at any cost in human lives or money.

    If it looks like they won’t be able to steal a presidential election, they’ll stop it. They’ll do anything to keep Trump from ever entering the WH again.

  14. ^^^^I’m not saying they will prevail, and I pray to God they don’t. Liberals are the devil’s children.

  15. Yeah, right, sure, whatever. Do I hope this happens? Yes. Do I think it will happen? No. I want to be proved wrong, but the Durham Report and the (so far) results show me nothing. He did show some illegal activities, but I have not seen anything to prove action will be taken.

    $Millions spent and nothing happens to those who have done illegal activities. Unsurprisingly, none of those who did anything wrong are / will be held accountable because they are part of the swamp (left, right, middle, it does not matter)

  16. All of a sudden, very, very slowly, nothing will happen. We don’t live in a free society, this is Animal Farm. At least two tiers of “Just Us” govern us.

  17. Justice is on the business end of a rope – or piano wire.
    Everything else is bullshit.

    Until you see traitors and corrupt-o-crats swinging in the breeze, the traitors and corrupt-o-crats are still in charge.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  18. Justice, REAL justice will happen when the ones responsible for Jan 6th are hangin on the Capital Steps that includes their fockhead leader too.

  19. Hunter turned down the plea deal for a reason. He’s got inside communication with the guardians of the swamp . “ No reasonable federal prosecutor “ who wants his pension intact, is gonna try this case. No joke, Gods own truth, cmon man.

  20. “Justice, REAL justice will happen when the ones responsible for Jan 6th are hangin on the Capital Steps that includes their fockhead leader too.”

    I agree. Garland and Wray should hang.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  21. When I see ANY of these corrupt, criminal, murderous liars in chains & in the dock, I promise you I will then believe in unicorn farts, fairy dust, and the good will of politicians.
    Until then…


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