Why We Can’t Get Anything Done

The latest PragerU video points the finger of blame at two groups in particular to explain why it’s so costly and time consuming to build infrastructure in this country. Watch

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  1. Environuts and union goons. We already knew that. So what can be done about it short of a war at this point?

  2. Payola.

    Remember: obama had three ‘quantum easings’ (no, not michelle taking a dump, or waxing her balls) for $873 BILLION apiece. He and pelosi (and mcconell – let’s not forget the rat’s role in this) ran up a deficit of 22 TRILLION.

    WHERE. DID. THE. MONEY. GO. As if we don’t know.

  3. I worked in government for many years and can’t tell you the number of much-needed projects that were essentially killed because of Davis-Bacon.

  4. Why has this gotten so bad? Easy, we elect reps who snivel and cave to the pushy leftists every time.

  5. I work for a local jurisdiction and it is FAR worse than can be expressed in words. You have to live it to begin to understand the magnitude of the problem. Any $15K project will cost the taxpayers over $100,000

    With WBE DBE and prevailing wage alone and none of the rest of the BS and you have tripled the cost.

  6. To a politician, infrastructure funding is political speak for taxpayer funded paybacks to my fat donors that will get me re-elected. That’s why nothing gets done.

  7. Our district horked in over $60 million for pool renovation at 2 schools plus handicap ramps at those 2 schools.

    I thought to myself, “Gee that sure seems expensive.”

    It didn’t pass the first time, but the second time they illegally preyed on voters in the parking lot as they were going in to vote and it went thru 60/40. Fuck I hate how things operate. No one is budget conscience. Everything is impulsive for their cause, but a litany of restrictions are all in the way for our cause, including a now burdensome property tax hike they shuv down our throats.

  8. I remember reading a few years back, about a road to a beach in Hawaii being washed out. The state said they were going to need umpteen million bucks and several years to make it passable. The beach business owners got together and put up their own money, made a deal with a “qualified” road contractor for something like 250k, with an eta of some weeks and the state shut them down…… maddening! I never saw a followup to the story.
    “Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.” Geo. Orwell

  9. The environmental groups you get rid of by cutting regulations and tort reform that gives them only one bite at the apple. For unions, it’s automation that will erode membership and competitive bidding including non-union employers.

    It takes political will to achieve either.

  10. Three things:
    1) I have recently had to take a county guv programming job. A conversion to a new system that has been unsuccessful for 10 years. Last week I told the big wigs that it only took 7 years to get to the moon and back. Probably didn’t make friends, but my private sector background is not familiar with comfort with failure. This is awful. I’m trying but the people around me are comfortable with failure. I am not.

    2) In this day and age Mercury would have never left the launch pad.

    3) the lake behind my house is silting up and becoming shallower. Called a dredger who warned me of the 40 permits required. Forget about it. I don’t wish to be on anybody’s radar.

  11. Getting things done is not the goal getting the most money for not getting things done is the goal!

  12. We DID get things done at one time in this country, Transcon railroad and I-80, but then neo-liberalism and leftism showed up around 1965.

  13. Poor Billy (I’ll not use his real name) at ABC, to join the Union (I think they were NABETs) to get his staff job was 10,000 dollars.

    Are you fucking serious? For what? 10,000 dollars! For nothing more than to go on strikes when the Union told them to.

    I was Staff Non-Union (as a highly unspecialized species of technician — the species of technician who did what he was told to do) and made a hell of a lot more money than those dipsticks. They had no idea how they were hampering themselves with that union BS.

  14. Allow me to amend that… I started out in the highly specialized realm of DMS programmer 🙂 (about as specialized as a guy who can make scrambled eggs)

    Then they figured out I could sweep floors, too.

    That’s the guy you want to be. The guy who can program a DMS and sweep real good. Oh, and float batteries.


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