Why Would Any Working American Support a Politician That Supports H1B?

H1B, when uttered favorably by a politician, should spell the end of their political aspirations. H1B should be a curse word.

The line on Ted Cruz is that he’s gone from a full-throated supporter of H1B to a leading critic. This is because he’s crafted a reform bill that sets a minimum wage of H1B workers at $110,000 a year. The thinking is that the program couldn’t be exploited by employers looking for cheap labor.

Great. This “reform” bill simply shifts the displacement of Americans to those who have better jobs. Some Indian who gets tutored by a $150,000 a year employee through the Optional Practical Training program is going to lose their job because Apu is going to do it for $110,000. Why is this necessary?

The bill still contains Cruz’s demand that the current work visa cap of 65,000 workers a year be raised to 325,000. That smells funny. Why is the cap being raised?

How about a reform bill that gets rid of H1B completely and replaces it with the “If you are an American and are out of work and qualify for this job we will find you and restore your faith in the American dream” act?

There should be absolutely no American, qualified for a job, out of work because it is filled by an immigrant. NONE.

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*For the Cruz supporters, I could refer you to statements I’ve made about Trump that questions how anyone can support a candidate that supports Kelo v. New London.

The fact is, despite my post title, we have to support either Cruz or Trump when they secure the nomination. The alternative, Sanders or Clinton, is far, far, far, far worse.

I’m distressed by sites that are digging in so fervently with their anti or pro stances towards Trump or Cruz because there may be no turning back giving the amount of speckle and froth they are producing.

Making an about-face and suddenly supporting that “other” candidate may make them look like loons. Not supporting that “other” candidate makes them worse than loons. It makes them the enemy.

And I mean that.

I will not be easy on any site that does not support Trump or Cruz in the primary. It will get ugly, and it will get personal. Don’t feck with my America by ushering in a Sanders or Clinton, you dumb, dumb bastards.

May God have mercy on your souls.


17 Comments on Why Would Any Working American Support a Politician That Supports H1B?

  1. It frustrates the hell out of me that there isn’t a candidate that I can whole heartedly support. I would donate time and money if there was someone.

  2. See my addendum at the end of this post.
    The fact is we MUST whole-heartedly support either Trump or Cruz if they make the general election.
    I can understand positioning your favored candidate in a favorable light during the primary.
    But not at the expense of saying the other guy is dead to you in the general.
    That makes you my enemy. You’re tantamount to a prog supporter at that point.
    You’re saying that Hillary or Sanders is better for America.
    That is kooky talk.

  3. So the SJW camp will be complaining about the $110,000/yr minimum wage for H1B workers. Sheesh.

    How about a $0/yr maximum wage for H1B workers? If they want to contribute to our society, they should volunteer their time.

  4. I’m waiting for the hipster doofus types, legs crossed like a bitch while they breezily quip about extremely concerning issues for Americans, looking as if they are sipping Chamomile tea laced with Xanax with their cushy high-paying jobs, casually twirling their ironic glasses, to announce they are voting for Hillary in lieu of Trump.
    And I’m looking straight at you Greg Gutfeld, you barely conservative, homunculus ******.

    He’s really irritating me. Can you tell?

  5. Anybody that feels they’ll sit this one out (again) because their favorite candidate isn’t going to be the nominee owes it to them selves and the rest of us to sit down and watch a Democrat Debate. I watched about half of the last one and by the time it was over realized I have no problem voting for Yeb if he’s the guy. These people are fricken nuts.

  6. Wait. No.
    “You” refers to the ether, not YOU. lol.
    (Unless you’re saying you’re not going to vote for the eventual winner of the primary, being it either Trump or Cruz.)

    You’re not saying that. I know that like I know my phone number.
    You made the TRUCK MAGNETS for crissakes.

    (Maybe I shouldn’t have hit the reply button. It made it seem like it was directed at you, rather than just adding to what you were saying.)
    My apologies.

  7. Fur, I thnk you have a typo at the end of your “addendum”:
    I think it should read “Sanders or Clinton” instead of “Sanders or Trump.”

  8. The $110K salary is really a bit of genius, with one addendum, they have to be lawyers….Most politicians are also lawyers …the $450 dollar an hour wage goes away….NOW, you can only make $110 K a year!….BAM, end of H1B’s and any immigration, illegal or not….LOL…

  9. Apu costs the company a lot less. Apu doesn’t get healthcare. Apu is probably paid through a university as an independent contractor so the company doesn’t payroll taxes or contribute to Social Security and Medicare and Apu is not eligible for the 401k so no matching contributions.

    If Apu gets sick, however, the taxpayer foots the bill for the emergency room and any hospital bill while Apu hot foots it back home or to another company as an independent contractor.

  10. Is this the same bill Cruz said he inserted the increased cap in as a “poison pill” so the dems would vote against it, or is this a new/current bill?

    Agreed H1B is one leg of the triad that’s killing America’s middle class, the others being open borders for the low end workers and a leftist dominated education system that teaches American kids entitlement, guilt, and precious little more (in other words, leaves them as slaves to debt with no marketable skills or knowledge).

  11. That post yesterday with Pat the bartender on food stamps with a Wymins Studies degree is what prompts these visas, or at least gives that impression. Our colleges suck, and the students suck worse. I hate the idea of these visas, but without them would the companies not simply leave the USA?

    I really don’t know how much these visas are hurting us, but I believe Cruz will be a bit more likely to listen to the people and reduce or eliminate them if we raise enough stink. I do not, however, see Trump changing his opinion on Kelo type eminent domain so easily, if at all.

    In any event, there will never be the perfect candidate.

  12. Trump’s my 1st choice & I’m having a hard time watching all the attacks on his supporters FROM THE RIGHT, but I’m also turned off by the attacks on Cruz FROM THE RIGHT too.
    I am one of those annoying “single issue” people in that I don’t GAF about anything anyone has to say if they are afraid to say the truth about islam for fear of offending muslims. I want a POTUS who puts Americans first above all others and who understands that America IS SUPERIOR to the rest of the world. I’m sick of the islamopanderers and the invadercoddlers. Fuck them.
    Having said that, I will vote for whoever it is that ends up running as a Republican against the dhimmicrat candidate even if I have to hold my nose to do it (again) and as primary season drags on I’m really trying not to bash the non-Trumps running in the GOP too terribly for exactly the reasons BFH has expressed. Any of the Republicans, even the ones I loathe (Jeb!, Christie), would be better than Shrillary or Bernie the commie, but Trump is still my 1st choice since I don’t think Rick Santorum has a snowball’s chance in the primaries and even if he did I don’t see how he’d ever win the general. Cruz & Carson are tied for my 2nd choice. I really wish ALLEN FREAKING WEST would have run but if he had I’m afraid I’d be as fanatical in supporting him as the Ron Paul folks who used to try to troll me were for their guy in 2012.

  13. Got all ranty & veered off topic so let me add, no jobs for foreigners if there are AMERICANS to fill them! EVER!!!! And we really need to stop importing people.


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