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Why Would They Go There?

Excuse the nudity, but I’m not at all ashamed that Melania was a nude model. I just find it high-larious that the left would use that as a “burn” considering they do not care at all if children see explicit gay sex in their school books.

But the response video is terrific.

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  1. Do you think if the fbi was to search Obama’s or Clinton’s residence that the agents would make a beeline to Hillary’s or Big Mikes underwear drawer? Only if they had a hazmat suit on.

  2. I like it when we’re all on the same page. Melania has more class in her toe nail clippings than Doc Smelly Pussy could ever muster. Excuse my bad language ladies, but one can only take so much trailer trash.
    I pulled up the Greta account. Appears to be a parody account. If not, it should be. I’ll be looking for it on IG.

  3. @CrazyWhiteCracker
    Yep, if I were Trump, the first thing I’d do when I got reelected is to find the name of every FBI bastard that defiled her room and have them doing the laundry at Nancy Pelosi’s house.

  4. Let’s face it, we’ve all seen the angry black woman complaining about every fucking thing, pretending to be oppressed, even though she is beyond privileged.

    I’ve never seen Melania being anything but the epitome of class.

    This burns the left up, because they see it too…

  5. I’m in vehement agreement. I’ve seen quite a few First Ladies (I even remember Mamie) and many of them had tons of class (and some didn’t, H-Rod and Big Maw).

    But Melania is sui generis when it comes to class AND awe-inspiring beauty.

  6. Donnie Deutch, excuse me, Donny Douche, says the voters are the problem.

    Gee whiz!

    The cocksuckers piss in the face of their own bloviations.

  7. Grettagrace20 safe word during wild sex is OUCH. Pretty sure this is a parody account. Especially when you review some of her former posts. She’s not on I.G. Interesting post though for a parody account. I’ll leave this up to the Biggest Fur Hat in the land.

  8. Uncle Al – once Eleanor Roosevelt was feeling out of sorts so she went to see her doctor. The doctor asked her what the problem was, to which Eleanor replied “It’s hard to describe but I feel as if I don’t know if I’m coming or going”.
    Hmm says the doctor, who asks her to disrobe, get down on all floors and crawl away from him, and after that to crawl back towards him. At this point the doctor tells Eleanor that “Ill be damned, I can’t tell if you’re coming or going either.

  9. My most hateful memory of Moochelle was when she was on a talk show with Olympic Gold Medal gymnast Gabby Douglas.
    Gabby confessed to liking McDonald’s Breakfast McMuffins.
    That cow Moochelle had the fucking pompous audacity to scold her like that was a war crime.
    It was wrong on a thousand levels.
    Gabby, even though she is tiny, likely expends 5000 calories just training day to day.
    I bet her trainer provides her with high calorie protein shakes just to keep her from losing muscle mass.

    Moochelle has more fat in one butt-cheek than Gabby has on her entire body.
    Plus the fact that cunt was denigrating an American capitalist success story of the highest order, with stores wordwide.
    Gabby needs energy, calories, fats, carbs for her rigorous training.
    Fact is, Gabby could eat Mcdonald’s for breakfast daily with zero adverse effect.

    I so wish Gabby would have just leveled the whore right then and there.
    “Toned arms” my fucking ass!

  10. “Big Mike needs a jockstrap.”

    Show me the wedding pictures. Show me the young family photo album. Show me the “new mom” Pics. Show me the kids sporting event pics.
    They don’t exist.

  11. Remember when Moochelle complained about the 5 foot White woman who asked her to get something off a high shelf at Target?
    That anecdote right there tells you all you need to know about what a despicable creature that cunt is.
    Imagine having someone in your life like that?

  12. Big Mike 🎶

    Big Mike 🎶

    Ev’ry mornin’ at the bathhouse you could see him arrive
    He stood six foot six and weighed 245

    Kinda big in the pants and even wider at the hips

    And everybody knew, ya didn’t give no lip to Big Mike

  13. Nice birthday suit, Melania. I don’t want to think about those other broads’ suits, except maybe Jackie O.; but, butt, Jackie’s hangin’ with the crypt keeper these daze.

  14. Steve M, it’s probably some Nevertrump fag whose theme was “First Ladies In Red”, and they couldn’t find a pic of dowdy Babs in red. Or they wanted to stay in the “Hollywood Squares” format. And whoever did this was smart enough to leave out Hill & Jill, the two biggest First Lady duds in the last century.

    Maybe Melania should put her “I REALLY DON’T CARE, DO YOU?” coat back on. But I’m sure she really doesn’t care.


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