Why wouldn’t the FBI take Hunter Biden’s hard drives from Giuliani? – IOTW Report

Why wouldn’t the FBI take Hunter Biden’s hard drives from Giuliani?

On Tucker Carlson’s show, Giuliani said he pointed them out and offered them to the FBI, but they refused them.
They had a warrant for all information stored in his electronic devices so why wouldn’t they take the computer drives, whether they were Hunter’s or not?

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  1. Can’t expose the CIA and FBI, hanging out with Hunter, snorting coke and buying hookers, might be frowned on by some. Maybe.

  2. “…..so why wouldn’t they take the computer drives…”

    Because they already have all that info. Which is why they are there to get the research Giuliani’s got. Cleaning up pedojoe’s sons dirty diaper. Hunter’s laptop becomes “hearsay”

  3. The FBI already has copies of Hunter’s hard drive. They want Giuliani’s electronic records to find something on President Trump.

  4. Rudy’s a smart man. By being cooperative and offering the drive after describing the contents he put them in a bad spot – either take the drives and have them as evidence (which supports Rudy) in their case against him, or don’t and now have their case against him severely compromised in that they didn’t follow through on the warrant that said to take ALL electronics.

  5. What if a copy of Hunter’s HD was on one of the ones they did take but not labeled as such. Interesting thought.

  6. The FBI must think they’re messing with another Michael Flynn. How wrong they are.

  7. Many things that politicians do just baffle me. Why didn’t Trump declassify all the Crossfire hurricane documents, or the FBI 302’s on Flynn?

    Why doesn’t Giuliani make public all the data on Hunter’s Hardrive? There was many copies floating around so he doesn’t have to worry about it coming back to him. We know there exists evidence of felonies committed by Hunter, we know that the investigative branches of the Federal Government are not apolitical or impartial and will not do their jobs, and we know that the data will not only incriminate Hunter but Daddy Biden as well, if the FBI will not do their jobs, send it to the WSJ or the NY Post. The Pentagon papers are a trifle compared to the Biden family malfeasance, the data on this hardrive can verify.

    For several decades now journalists have been bypassing a corrupt government and sending incriminating data straight to the press. It still may not provoke the appropriate bodies into action but at least the facts will be out there and all the lies will be exposed.

  8. Because they legally would have to act.

  9. I hope that Rudy had video cameras on while he was offering the hard drives to them. Hopefully a live video monitoring security system.

  10. Sir Issac Newton and his gravity thing were canceled theater day.
    Everything that wasn’t already, is not now upside down, and that which was already upside down just went upside downed. Odd, odd, odd, is the daily news.

    Jethro –
    Agree with you. RG’s been on the searcher side of these, so he knows how to respond as the searchee.

  11. 1. Giuliani already offered the info he had to the feds for 2 years.

    2. Giuliani had the info on iCloud and the feds already stole that. (Spying. And Apple let them have it.) He knew they would, that’s why he dangled the bait on the Cloud.

    3. They can’t do anything to Giuliani (FARA violation? Really? lolol), and they know it, so they’re just doing this as propaganda, and to keep him from talking about biden family. But if the feds try to take him to court, Giuliani can discuss what’s on them. And then everybody will see details.

    Feds made a bad move here.

  12. Who’s going to save us? SCOTUS just ruled illegals have rights.

  13. It was a specific set of illegals. They ruled the ones who had actually been given green light to file for refugee status, and other fed permissions, had to be given full and complete paperwork at once and not given to them in pieces here and there and basically being annoying. In other words, if you want people to file for something, you can’t make them chase paper and get mad at the filer for not having the correct form, and filing late. They do the same shit to LEGAL aliens, too.

  14. Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa!

  15. The Fed thugs didn’t take them because then they would have to do something about them. They know they gotta take care of the Big Guy.

  16. The USCCB may have competition from the FBI as the single most contemptible outfit in the United States these days

  17. The FBI is not aware the lap top or hard drive exists.
    Plausible deniablity.
    The FBI couldn’t find their ass with either hand, corrupt.

  18. The FBI has turned into one of the most corrupt institutions in American history.

  19. @mja – trap? Could we be SO lucky?? Feds DID make another incompetent move yet AGAIN…I agree

    @Jethro – Rudy IS a smart NYC dude… ;>)

  20. Meme……on fb…..

    “Somewhere out there is a
    2-year-old girl whose
    mother is a stripper, her
    father is a crackhead and
    her grandpa is President
    of the United States of America. 😒
    Fact check THAT.”

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