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Will Joe Run?


WSJ: Biden Inching Closer To Running For POTUS.

TheLid– Joe Biden is vacationing on Kiawa Island in South Carolina but he is keeping busy. No he’s not lobbying other Democrats to buy into the President’s P5+1 crap sandwich, he is sounding out his political allies about entering the 2016.  At the same time he getting pressure from some Democrats anxious to have him enter the race as another option for the Hillary Clinton campaign falling deeper into scandal with each passing day.
Wednesday evening the Wall Street Journal is reporting the SCHMOTUS (Schmo of the United States) is giving the strongest signal yet that he is “actively considering making a third run at the presidency. He is asking political allies for advice and gauging the strength of Mrs. Clinton’s campaign as he weighs his options, people familiar with the matter said. Mr. Biden is expected to announce his decision next month. ” MORE

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  1. I’m all for Joe Biden to run in 2016, but I have to wonder what or whom could be his meat-sack insurance policy. I mean, Joe Biden was a great insurance policy for Obama. Who could be more stupid to the core than Joe?

    ….one of the Kardashian women, perhaps?

    Biden/Caitlin 2016

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