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Feminism Proves That Men Are Not Only Different Than Women But Stronger and More Mentally Stable

John Doe, a student at Washington and Lee College, met a fellow student, Jane, at an off-campus party. They made out. She accepted John’s invitation back to his dorm room. They made out some more. Jane said she didn’t normally have sex on a first date but found John “interesting.”

She removed her clothes and headed for the bed. They banged like a summer house screen door.

She told her friends about the new guy. She was happy. The sex was entirely consensual, they even had sex again later in the month.

Then Jane saw John at another party kissing a different girl. She got upset. JAne and John were no longer a couple.

While studying womyns somethingorother, Jane read about a “new kind of rape.” Gray rape. That means if there is any regret about the past, even if the sex was consensual, the woman was raped.

And that, my friends, proves that feminism means that woman are inferior to men.


The penis is, apparently, mightier than the vagina.

If men cannot charge woman with “gray rape” when the woman he’s had sex with chooses a different man, then we are setting women up as fragile objects made from spun sugar, completely apart from men as a species, whose decision making is so bad that they can retroactively punish everyone in their wake sometime in the future.

I am woman, hear me sore.

Read about this re-dick-ulousness HERE.

HT/ Just the Tip (which will not keep you from being accused of rape.)

18 Comments on Feminism Proves That Men Are Not Only Different Than Women But Stronger and More Mentally Stable

  1. If that strange and weird behavior is not grey rape then I don’t know what is! My hero Hillery would never put up with such degrading behavior from any man!

  2. Start making very public examples of proven rape liars – heavy fines, court costs and/or jail time – and this will stop cold. Nothing short of pain will get through.

  3. Well I remember this one time back in the 2nd grade when little Suzie Miller flirted with me and……..

  4. And I thought gray rape had to do with aliens.

  5. Women always win the….he hit me….call to the police. Even tho she knew the buttons to push to get hit.

  6. College feminists are just now finding out about this? Sailors call this “Grey Rape” phenomenon Whore’s Remorse and plenty have gone to mast over it. That’s why no matter how long a deployment is, no matter how lonely you are, never, ever meet up with a sea hag in a fan room. I understand Westpac Widows feel this when their husbands return from sea as well.

  7. If you have college- aged kids (or hell, kids period), particularly sons, and you aren’t drilling this knowledge into their soft little, hormone-soaked heads, you’re really not doing your job.

    It takes so little to end up, FOR LIFE, on a sex-offender registry anymore that the conclusion can be drawn that women just aren’t worth the effort, unless your kid rolls 24/7 with a lawyer at his side.

    I know a kid who was having a shouting match with a girl he had dated for a few weeks at 2AM in the morning in the dorm, which prompted the neighbor to call the R/A on the floor to complain, who didn’t feel like dealing with it so he referred it on to the campus night cop who had an office on the first floor of the same huge dorm, who showed up and asked “had this boy touched the girl, in any way”.

    When the answer came that he had put his hands on her upper arms in an attempt to get her to calm down and catch her breath, he learned that, amazingly, he had violated the University’s Zero Tolerance policy (no touching of any variety can be tolerated, ever), and was then arrested and booked on a charge of ‘spousal abuse”. This despite the fact that the young lady told the officers repeatedly that she was the aggressor, not him, that she had drank too much at a prty the boy want even at, and in fact, that he’d only even been there at 2AM at all because she woke him in the middle of night to see if he would walk her across campus safely.

    But the Law is an Ass, and never more so than when the campus Libs pass a Zero Tolerance Policy.

    So the evil male gets spirited away to the hoosegow.

    This world that the feminists have made for everyone is not a world that sane people could or would ever want to live in, but here we are.

    So kids, listen to the Chief.

    Keep it in your pants. Maybe forever.


  8. I guess….I need cards, to be signed by intended paramour…that say can I talk to you, can I buy you a drink, can I touch you, can I kiss, can I touch your boobs, and so on…..you get the picture…..all signed, dated, and notarized by either my wing man or hers

  9. I’ve known women who would trip me then beat me to the floor. I’m sure glad this fake rape accusation thing wasn’t going on back then. A couple of them were pretty mad when they found out I drove a rusted out Chrysler.

  10. So if a guy catches his wife messing around, that means she’s a rapist?

  11. Hey age doesn’t matter….grannies/grandpas do it

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