Will Obama’s ‘Presidential Center’ ever be built?

DC:  Lawsuit Accuses Obama Presidential Center Of Pulling An ‘Institutional Bait And Switch’ In Its Dealings With Chicago.

A public park advocacy group filed a federal lawsuit Monday accusing Obama Presidential Center organizers of pulling an “institutional bait and switch” by reneging on its original planned purpose of building an official presidential library in historic Jackson Park.

The Chicago City Council approved an ordinance in 2015 for the parkland to be leased to the Obama Foundation for the purpose of housing former President Barack Obama’s official presidential library, the Chicago Sun-Times reported on Tuesday.

But operations have since changed. Obama now plans to use the parkland to build a $500 million personal museum and monument dedicated to his person. The National Records and Archives Administration will operate his presidential library somewhere else.

The lawsuit, Protect Our Parks, Inc. filed against the city of Chicago and the Chicago Park District, argues public parkland is “prohibited by law” from being given to a private entity such as the Obama Foundation for private use. more here

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  1. PDT can settle this. He has a phone and a pen.

    We have an abandoned base in Antarctica. 1950s Quonset huts, plywood outbuildings, giant snowdrifts. Remote and desolate. Like the set for “The Thing”.

    PDT should EO that Obama’s taxpayer funded Shrine To Nothingness can be there, or nowhere.

    Strand mister Hope And Change there with the 50 year old fuel oil heaters and the cathode tube hand crank radio.
    “Mayday, mayday, this is Ice Station Obama calling any passing ships…”

  2. Maybe they should put his memorabilia in his brother’s hut in Kenya for all it’s worth. His brother could probably use a phone and a pen…or not.

  3. Wreck Center.

    The Same thing that saved us from total collapse, Destroyed the


    0we is a dummy…of Biblical proportion. By the time the

    dnc figured it out, He was a Rockstar….

    and they had no other choice than ride that Ass until the end.

    Look at the face of any Foreign Leader the first time they

    spoke to Him….Shock!!!

    Even though He did a sh*tload of damage…think of how far He

    would have gotten with a semblance of Knowledge and self

    awareness…He’s a Moron….and Thank God for that.

  4. Bait and switch, corruption, contempt for the rule of law, egomanical contempt for ordinary citizens. Yep, all of the elements of an Obama ediface dedicated to glorifying himself are present.

    The city even has a named picked out: The Obama Personal Museum and Monument Because…Fuck You.

  5. Drop off a shiny new dumpster, spray paint “Prezedenshul liebarry” on the side and your done.

  6. there’s a building code against fake Greek Temple styrofoam columns? … who knew?

  7. They way Obama’s legacy is crumbling, a few dumpsters in a vacant lot should do the trick.

  8. By the time Trump is done with Obama’s Legacy, he’ll only need something like say the “Mystery Machine” from Scooby Doo to house his achievments !

  9. Somebody should plant something ‘native’ on the property and they’ll have to halt all construction and planning until they figure out if there are other ‘native’ plants like it in the area. 😀

  10. Just his luck he’ll win the suit but fail to raise enough money. The land will be excavated and then fill-up with dead grass and rats. The big construction sign with his giant picture on it will be graffiti’ed endlessly and finally be vandalized and collapse. About that time, Illinois will be completely bankrupt and its cities will look like war zones. Welcome to Obamaville.

  11. I’ve got the perfect idea for Barky’s library. Digitize anything and everything he wants to include, store them on a few thumb drives, and shove them up his ass.

  12. There’s been one since the day he was elected. Every morning I get up, sit down on it, take a Moose and wipe my Barry.

  13. Let him build the shrine to himself then PDT can declare eminent domain and either tear it down or turn it into a clipboard factory.

  14. “The design approach for the Center is guided by the goal of creating a true community asset that seeks to inspire and empower the public to take on the greatest challenges of our time” – architects SJW statement.

    I am ‘in the business’ and this design resolution, building wise, SUCKS. It looks like a VAULT. Not welcoming.
    The landscape design might be okay.

    Couple of points:

    Look at before and after photos. The new site plan gets rid of two baseball fields and relocates the soccer field…

    There was a recent report saying how preliminary excavation revealed a previous WHITE culture. I am not making this up! Parts and pieces of the 1898 Columbia Expo were discovered. When I say white I mean that the expo was aka the White City because ALL, minus one of the buildings, were made of plaster for temporary use.

    Think Las Vegas but all WHITE.

    When a Federal Court House was built in NYC, a twenty story plus building, the foundation was being dug and lo and behold remains of slave were found. Guess what happened THE PROJECT? IT stopped. They had to re-design, start over, and now we have a sacred burial space, a National Monument btw, next to a Federal Court House.

    Sacred sites aside, ya think that would happen in Chi-Town?


  15. Perhaps the City of Chicago should wait a wee bit to see if Iran exposes Barry, Mooch, Val Jar and the other Marxateers in the club as recipients of lots and lots of bribe money. Might put a damper on The Obama Legacy Land theme park.

  16. After 15 months of Trump, Preezydent Zero’s legacy could easily fit into a port-a-john. Just look down the hole in the center for a family portrait of the former first family.

    Obama, you built that sheet.

  17. Ron Reagan was the last president worthy of a Presidential Library, or Center, or whatever. And prior to him, Dwight Eisenhower. Also-rans, jokes, and clowns, (Kennedy thru Carter & Bush through Obama, I’m looking at you)should be allowed to be forgotten or ignored.

  18. Just like his other shovel-read jobs that failed to materialize…infrastructure, wasn’t it?…..

  19. Just slap a sign on an abandoned house, call it the Presidential Crack Shack, and be done with it.


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