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Will someone please check the internet?

h/t joe6pak.

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  1. Got a point there.
    And they BOTH look like an aged version of The Cowardly Lion (Wizard of Oz, 1939).
    Coincidence? We report, you decide.

  2. Slightly OT

    A foursome of men waited to tee off, while a ladies’ foursome was hitting in front of them…..taking their sweet time.
    When the final lady was ready to hit her ball, she hacked it 10 feet. Then she went over & missed it completely. Then she hacked it another 10 feet…..and finally hacked it another 5 feet.
    She looked up at the patiently waiting men and said apologetically, “Well I guess all those f***ing lessons I took over the winter didn’t help my game”.
    One of the men responded: “Well, there you have it! You should have taken golf lessons instead.”
    He never even had a chance to duck. He was only 43….

  3. Retirement. Hmmm. It’s fun.
    Because you waited to beg for Medicare until you are 68 years old and didn’t register at 65 there will be a 10% penalty.

    Nope. No thank you card for not drawing on the government dole. A fucking penalty.
    This is going to be great.

    You confiscated my dough since I was 15 and now you penalize me because I had employer provided health insurance until I was 68?

    Well, rat fucking and pig piling me by government shouldn’t be a surprise to me.

    This happened today. Am I steamed? Yes. Surprised? Not really.


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