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Ben Sasse Resigns to Take Up University Presidency

Daily Caller

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse of Nebraska formally resigned at Sunday in preparation for his new role as University of Florida (UF) president.

Sasse, who has served in the United States Senate since 2015, resigned in order to assume a new position as UF president. He was officially confirmed in his new role by the Florida Board of Governor’s on Nov. 9 and will begin his tenure on Feb. 6, which will last through 2028, according to his contract. Disappointment

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  1. If the reason for resigning is health issues or a family emergency I can understand that. But it pisses me off to have voters give serious consideration to who will be representing them, and then for that person to quit to go do something else. Serve your term, then don’t run again. Is that hard to understand?

  2. You know, public office was for the sake of serving the public.
    If your only purpose is self-serving, you should have never duped your constituents.

    So, a big FU to Ben Sasse

  3. If he moves his family to Gainsville I hope they appreciate the convenience that it’s just a half hour drive to visit him at the Raiford prison. I don’t know specifically what he’s done that’s illegal, but he’s a pol so there must be something.

  4. I work at the airport in Lincoln Nebraska and I have had personal contact with him several times. I have found him to be cold, dismissive and unresponsive to any proffered pleasantries. I am ecstatic that he is no longer the elected representative for me in the the US Senate.

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