Will You COMPLY?

Biden’s New MANDATE! Will You COMPLY? The Biden administration issued a new order for everybody to get the shot who works in a business with more than 100 employees. This is for everyone’s safety and is based on the latest science. Obviously. Will you comply?

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  1. I still don’t understand how peopple who have been vaccinated are endangered by people who have not been vaccinated. That tells me that the vaccine does not work.

    Good job, JP

  2. “The Covid vaccine has to be the only product in history to blame its failure on the people who don’t use it.” ~ seaoh

  3. Endless phony statistics being propagated by the vax nazis.

    There is not a number they produce to try and back their case that isn’t phony as hell.

  4. Every political exemption shows that this is all bullshit. Fuck all democrats. They are fascist, evil scum. End of story.

  5. My husband was planning to retire in a couple of years from the FAA, but it looks like he will be forced out this year for refusing the jab. We will be okay, (unless it gets more draconian) but it’s going to be really hard for young people with families to make the same choice, and “they” know this.

  6. “They are fascist, evil scum. End of story.”
    Actually, that’s the beginning of the story. What we do with the time God has given us is the only choice we really have (paraphrased from “Lord of the Rings”).
    Do we suffer their existence? We have, so far.
    Do we allow them to destroy the greatest nation the World has ever known? We have, so far.
    Do we submit to such obvious perfidies? We have, so far.
    Will we fall to our knees? As the klowns in the NFL (and most sports) do? We have, so far.
    Will we accept lies as facts? We have, so far.
    Will we acquiesce to the destruction of our economy, the closing of our schools, the shuttering of our places of worship, on an obvious hoax? We have, so far.

    Time will tell.

    izlamo delenda est …

  7. To quote Gen. McAuliffe in 1944…”Nuts!”.

    I am waiting for the bumper stickers I had made to arrive… “Dangerous Liberty is better than “Safe” tyranny”
    5 x 10

  8. Beachmom, you know of course that “Nuts” meant for the Nazis to go to Hell or to eff off, take your pick. How appropriate was it for General McAuliffe of the 101st Airborne Division to use a one word response to the Nazis that we wouldn’t back down or surrender under any circumstances.

  9. The-Mamomma, I too work for the FAA and was planning on retiring in a few years. Looks like that will be pushed up. Has your husband submitted a religious exemption yet? I turned mine in yesterday.

  10. How much longer before we flatten the curve?
    I thinking it’s us they would like to flatten.
    Not happening here.
    My father-in-law now can’t walk, can barely see and can’t use his arms after getting the shots.
    My son-in-law’s 60 year old mother who had just had an full exam and the doctor said her heart was great and she would live a long time got the shots and was dead a few weeks later from a heart attack.
    The Needle and the damage done has been censored.
    A minimum of 13,000 dead, enough yet?

  11. Yes geoff I knew that.
    I like it too.
    Short, simple, to the point if you know what it means.
    Kind of like Southerners and “Bless your heart”. 🙂

  12. My response to the question “Are you vaccinated?”:
    “I’m part of the voluntary control group.”
    “I identify as vaccinated.”
    “I’m transvaccinated”

  13. “How much longer before we flatten the curve?”

    I don’t know, but this is the longest two weeks I’ve ever experienced.

    It’s like they were lying all along or something.

  14. @ MJA
    By OSHA at $13,000 a week where you work.
    Busy making the resistance homeless and starving us out, keeping us tied up for a while.

  15. *”Identify” as Afghani and claim you already received Ivermectin.

    *”Identify” is a powerful word that transforms you magically into anything you want to be without punishment, recourse or social stigma and it must never be doubted.


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