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Willie Nelson Releases Music Video, Titled “Vote’Em Out”

Fox News

As the November election draws closer, Willie Nelson debuted an animated music video for his single “Vote ‘Em Out” to encourage his fans to unseat those currently in power with their ballot. More

The video Here

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  1. He’s a seedy, wrinkly, creepy old marijuana farmer. Honestly, I never liked him. He got carried away by the drug lifestyle and thought growing and braiding his hair and smoking dope would sell more records. It probably did.

    Plus, his voice lacks range…he sings in a monotone.

  2. When I saw him a couple years back he was a lazy performer. He would strike up the band and do the first two lines, then as his audience sang his songs he was just sitting there.

    On the road again was more like on the sofa again.

    Not sure I wish to interrupt my regularly scheduled programming to watch this. Vote’m out could mean anything.

  3. Not the first place to go for political advice. IMHO, Check the FACTS and check your gut.
    When in doubt, go with the facts unless you live in Fantasy land or California.

  4. It was quite neutral. “If you don’t like who’s in there, vote ‘m out.” It didn’t take a specific political stance. It was actually boring.
    At 1:10 the clown looks just like chuckie schumer…

  5. Vote em out?

    I’m quite sure that Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Biden have all been in there way longer than Donald Trump.

    Shit like this is why I have been slowly selling off my home theater & stereo system. Once these “artists” open their mouths the really make me no longer want to watch. Too bad, it was a very nice rig.

  6. A woman went to a tattoo artist and asked him to do Robert Redford on one thy and Paul Newman on the other.
    She didn’t like the finished product and complained.
    The tattoo artist wanted a second opinion and got a drunk to check it out.
    The old drunk said “The guy on the left looks a little bit like Robert Redford and the guy on the right looks a little bit like Paul Newman,
    But, the guy in the middle looks just like Willie Nelson.”


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