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Wind Farm in Germany Is Being Taken Down for Expansion of Coal Mine


In the throes of an energy crisis, a German energy company is moving forward with plans to dismantle a wind farm adjacent to its coal mine in order to expand operations.

The removal of one of the wind farm’s eight wind turbines occurred last week, with two more coming down next year and the rest getting removed by the end of 2023.

Recognizing the “paradoxical” nature of the situation, Germany energy company RWE, which operates the Garzweiler coal mine, said it’s necessary.

“We realize this comes across as paradoxical,” RWE spokesperson Guido Steffen told the Guardian. “But that is as matters stand.” more

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  1. Interesting how the upcoming winter and the very real possibility of freezing one’s ass off puts common sense over green energy fantasy. Perhaps we could learn something from this.

  2. I have been traveling the midwest for the last two months for work. A lot of I-80 and I-35. I constantly see trucks hauling cut up wind turbine blades to somewhere for disposal. There is also a turbine that has obviously failed right east of I-35. I believe it is in northern Iowa.

    This shit is already failing. Quit putting them up, and start taking them down.

    And then start drilling and building nuc plants.

  3. This is why Gruesome Newsom begged PG&E to keep Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant in operation here in California. Wind and solar isn’t cutting it. It takes a tremendous amount of acreage to produce solar and wind power – there isn’t enough landfill for the disposal of them, nor enough land to build them. The experiment is a failure.

  4. That headline is so delicious I’m hesitant to read the rest of the news story for fear it will spoil the deliciousness.

  5. Sustainable green energy: an oxymoron wrapped in a lie peddled to the easily duped, for the benefit of an elite few. As Germany and the rest of the ignorant masses will soon come to realize, it has a short shelf life. And as these automakers who are going “all in” on EV’s will soon realize, they’re setting the stage for their own bankruptcy.


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