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“The Killer” Rocks No More

Fox News

Jerry Lee Lewis has died, Fox News Digital can confirm.

The rock ‘n’ roll pioneer passed away after suffering from various illnesses throughout the years, his publicist said Friday in a press release.

“He was there at the beginning, with Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Carl Perkins, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, and the rest, and watched them fade away one by one till it was him alone to bear witness, and sing of the birth of rock ‘n’ roll,” the release added. More

Considered one of the best live albums of all time, 1964 Jerry Lee Lewis at the Star Club Hamburg Listen

11 Comments on “The Killer” Rocks No More

  1. I hope he found the Lord later in life and sought forgiveness for having been an incestuous pedophile.

    For his own sake.

    More could be said, but he’s dead and has gotten his reward, so I’ll leave it at that.

  2. “His greatest hit was Myra Gale Brown, which was an inspiration to me and my son Hunter.” —‘Pedo’ Joe Biden

  3. Never heard of your idol must be a republican ting aka the original pedos.

  4. Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. He grew up poor with two cousins television evangelist Jimmy Swaggert and country singer Mickey Gilley. We all know about Swaggert and his love for prostitutes, yet we still listened to their music no paying attention to who they were when not singing into the microphone. I enjoyed their music and always will. Their salvation is between them and the Lord.

  5. Ooh, Hunter climbed up out of his whore’s gaping hole to comment?
    Such courage.

  6. Two different musical styles that were both great, and Classic.
    First Rockabilly… “It’ll Be Me”. Saw Led Zeppelin close a show in San Antonio in ’71 with this one. According to a Zeppelin historian it was the only time they did tis obe live until it became a regular part of their live shows in ’76.

    Next… Classic Country. “Another Place, Another Time” reached #4 on the Country Charts in ’68. I loved to play this one back in my Country Music days. RIP Killer

  7. The National Park Service tried to ban him from performing at the National 4th of July concert on the Mall back in the early 90’s as still being too controversial which is bunch of hooie since all the early rock stars were all the same with very suggestive lyrics. If you don’t believe me, listen to Big Joe Turner singing about Big 10 inch and he wasn’t talking about the size of the record. Or My Ding-A-Ling by Chuck Berry.

  8. If you can find it: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_at_the_Star_Club,_Hamburg

    LIVE AT THE Star Club, Hamburg is not an album, it’s a crime scene: Jerry Lee Lewis slaughters his rivals in a thirteen-song set that feels like one long convulsion. Recorded April 5th, 1964, this is the earliest and most feral of Lewis’ concert releases from his wilderness years, after he was banished from the radio and after he had left Sun Records for Mercury, but before he humbled himself and switched to country. Live at the Star Club is not country, boogie, bop or blues but showdown rock & roll, with no survivors but the Killer.


  9. Was a big fan of Sun records 68 years ago. bout 20 yers ago went to Tupelo; then to Memphis for 2 reasons: Graceland. Sun.

    “Million $ Quartet” had for of he top 10 singers in the 50’s. Jerry was forced out of Rock Stations for something that was common south of M/D Line and also done by FDR – He married his cousin! ok when “the elite” do it; but wrong is a poor kid does it! HORSE SHIT; pardon my French ladies but i am against more than one standard!

  10. @geoff the aardvark: Way back in 1964 the Governor of Indiana banned the song Louie Louie by the Kingsmen’s. Another song banned was by Etta James, “Roll With Me Henry.” I’m old enough to remember it all. Then there was Elvis and his gyrating…. on stage. Those were some good music playing days. I love it all!


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