Kamala Was a Step Away From The Presidency Friday Night – IOTW Report

Kamala Was a Step Away From The Presidency Friday Night

Kamala Harris Has to Pull Joe Biden Away From Edge of the Stage at Democrat Campaign Event (VIDEO)

11 Comments on Kamala Was a Step Away From The Presidency Friday Night

  1. One misstep for an oblivious man, one giant leap forward for a formerly great country…..

  2. That was embarrassing and pathetic. Democrat voters are embarrassing and pathetic, which makes them very dangerous.

  3. I am so tired of seeing that asshole do his phony jog , I guess to show us all how physically fit he is. I want this nightmare to be over.

  4. It would have been nice if he had fallen, and taken her WITH him.

    Too bad, so sad.

    And then Piglosi has so much glee at the prospect of finally being able to give full license to her viciousness that her black, withered, rotten excuse for a heart blows up so hard that blood squirts out her ears in what is hopefully an extremely agonizing death that lets her linger just long enough to see Hell coming to claim her.

    ..oh well.

    Maybe next time…

  5. Was there a freshly shampooed little girl over there?

    …hmm, maybe the smell of No More Tears can be used as bait to…uhhh, never mind…

  6. My God, I could die of embarrassment! The two of them are dumb, disgusting foul creatures

  7. @Tony;
    I guess he’s doing his best obammy trot, remember that?
    Seems demoncrats all have those strange movements and gesticulations….like no finger, clinched thumb, “pointing”, oh, and the ever ubiquitous gizzard stretch “up look”.

  8. Obviously playing Patriotic music sarcastically.

  9. You’re right.
    That “I know the cameras are on me” old man jog has been getting on my nerves, too.
    What’s he proving? With that stupid stilted gait, he still looks like a preschooler learning how to run.
    Gee, what an athlete. 🙄


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