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Wisconsin: You’re Among Friends

Unless you happen to be white and in the “wrong hood bitch.”


I did a little digging around on the internet to see if there was more on this beating.  Apparently it happened just about 2 weeks ago and no charges were filed.  It’s just now gaining traction online.

(btw: that title use to be a tourism campaign slogan).


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  1. Can’t wait to see such fools try it
    on a CCW pedestrian.

    Paul Kersey was always one of my favorite screen architects.

  2. The other old slogan was “Escape to Wisconsin”.. We were smart enough and realized the wording was wrong and it should have been.. “Escape From Wisconsin”.. Which we did.. Either way, I think someone stole the idea from a John Carpenter Movie, which also makes sense.. and they need to apologize for their plagiarism.

  3. How is it possible the white woman did not report the attack and beating to the police? How does that happen? Why?

  4. Yes, there’s pretty much ZERO reason to go anywhere near the North Side, but soon enough, those sub-humans will be thrust on the rest of us as is the case in Waukesha with our newfound “diversity” and rapidly rising crime rate.

    The powers that be are intent on fucking up the last places we could retreat to near the city when the city itself was just too far gone, so the wife and I are now seeking refuge further out in order to avoid the shit that will have our current city nicely ghetto-ized within what I expect will be 3-5 years. It really sucks because while I’ve been all over the country, I do love this state for many reasons, but much more of this and I’ll be heading for Montana, Wyoming, or somewhere that you can spend a month in small town and not see a single face that’s darker than myself when I get a nice summer tan.

    Diversity sucks, and destroys everything in its path.

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