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Woman Responds To Muslim Death Threat on Facebook

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  1. Funny how Muslim ‘men’ threaten women but can’t take on a man in any kind of a fight. Bunch of inbred cowards.

  2. I’d love to see a cage match between the inbred in question, this fine young woman, and Ann Barnhardt.

    Pay per view would rake in millions.

  3. I’ve been seeing this unfold on FB–Prissy Holly has warned him already on a thread re: threatening her and her sister. It may be a sad state of affairs when an American woman posts this kind of thing, but the bastard has had it coming. He wouldn’t stop threatening her AND **she’d** recently been sent to FB gulag.

    Zuckerberg sees fit to punish her for negative remarks, but threats against her life are no problem? I can see why she would post this when these GFers are not taken to task for their aggressive and or violent behavior.

  4. Hi Lady!!,
    WooooHooo!! BTW I clean all my weapons with and tip all my rounds with “Silver Bullet Gun Oil!!” made with 13% PIG FAT!!!! from Lone Marine Ent. at http://www.silverbulletgunoil.net Love your vid and also for note Anne Barnhardt has “invited” the Muzzies who don’t like her speech to a similar fare!! As the “Old Ranger” would say,”Well Done!!”
    Got Gunz ……OUTLAW!!!!,

    BTW Lone Marine sends “LOT’S!!” of his “Silver Bullet Gun Oil” to the Guys in the “Sand Box!!!”

  5. I don’t recommend bacon, the salt makes the cartridge degrade, pure lard is fine.
    He won’t show, hate a perfectly good round to go to waste due to corrosion.

  6. Pig fat, lard, whatever. Still a waste of time and grease, IMHO. It always amazes me how many people seem to believe that anything swine-related is like Kryptonite to Muslims; that it’s going to keep them from going to their non-existent Heaven or something. First off, any effects are purely psychological – to create fear on his part and/or satisfaction on your part. And let’s face it – he’s never gonna know that the bullet that killed him was dipped in pig fat, or that he was buried in hog entrails. I guess you could call up his friends and family and get them worried about what you did, but I don’t really see that happening either.

    Now – that being said, if you still get a perverse thrill out of doing it, by all means have at. Personally, I’m saving my bacon for a BLT. Yum.


  7. Muslim ‘men’ don’t like an American woman… She won’t take their shit. I’ve dealt with that a couple of times. You tell one to his face to shut up and put your hand on metal, and he looks like a stunned baby lamb!

  8. I wish i saw this sooner. Will be ordering as Christmas gifts for a few friends and family. Hope it arrives in time !!!

  9. Euro-Trash Women can only cower in the face of Moose-Limb abuse! It definitely does not suck to be empowered by the Second Amendment!!!

  10. Barky is probably dripping at the thought of sucking on that Muzzeloid’s sausage……then implanting it in the Barky Pucker…

  11. Notice how at the end of the video the YouTube police have chosen to show two videos of people being oh so mean to some of the followers of Allah? Usually you see videos of a similar nature but I think the tube did some tweaking to their programming. In any event, it would be interesting to get some of those famous Anonymous hackers to uncover the identity of some of the people leaving threats to those who dare to question the intentions of either Islam as a whole or the violent sects alone. Then publish them quick.

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