Woman Sees Her Truck Being Used By Service Technician – She Wasn’t Happy


…Penny Ivey Thompson says she dropped off her Dodge truck at a Mac Haik dealership in Flowood to be serviced, and later saw it driven down the street by a dealership technician.

“That moment you see a Mac Haik employee test driving your Dodge down Lakeland Dr. TAILGATING another vehicle,” Thompson writes in the post that went viral Thursday and appears to have been pulled. “I followed him to see if my truck would make it back in one piece because I know it doesn’t stop on a dime and [at] this point just wanted him out of it.

“Thompson followed him about two miles to Lowe’s and waited 20 minutes for him to finish shopping—until she decided to simply steal her own truck, which she calls “Big Bertha,” with a spare key. “Here comes ol dummy … swinging his shopping bag,” she writes of the technician, per Jalopnik. “He never looked up. He just stopped and stood in the parking lot.”


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  1. That happened to me once and they put over a hundred miles on my car. Happens more than people think or expect.

  2. I suppose it would be wise to record the mileage when you drop it off at a dealership and again when you pick it up. Maybe zero the trip meter as well, although that could be reset after use to try to hide it.

  3. Anon – I always write the milage on a business card and place it in plain site by speedo. Never have a problem.

  4. geeknerd April 22, 2019 at 2:49 pm

    If someone wishes you a Happy Earthday, wish them a happy Lenin’s Birthday

    I tell them what’s for lunch – barbecue! Lots of charcoal and applewood chips smoking the hell out of my pork ribs! Haven’t decided on beer or wine.

  5. While I was living in Hong Kong, a tech took a clients Ferrari for a high speed spin on Repulse Bay Rd. one Sunday morning. He wrecked and totaled a $2,M car. Dealership denied responsibility claiming that the car was stolen from their lot!

  6. We got a knock on the door in the middle of the night from the Lake County Sheriff. Some nitwit employee took our Bronco out for a ride. Would have gotten away with it if he wasn’t driving with the window of the hatchback wide open. Needless to say the employee was fired, that repair was free, got some deep discounts for a while and are still treated like royalty.

  7. Had a dimwit manager of a local Firestone dealership explain to me that my car was test driven at 70 MPH on the local Interstate when the speed limit was 55 MPH nationwide.
    They were out of business 10 months later.

  8. When i worked for the Carl title and registration bureau at the county. A customer came in to Title his truck. he told me he had taken his truck in for service at an out of town subsidiary of a dealership and a salesman there walked through the service department with a customer and SOLD the customer my customers truck. needless to say my customer was pissed off. i do not remember what he did after word.


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