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Woman Who Drove Through Street Protestors Will Not Take Plea Deal

Kathleen Casillo, 54, appeared in Manhattan Criminal Court on Tuesday nearly two years after she was accused of driving into pedestrians during a protest in New York City in December 2020. Casillo could face seven years in prison after turning down the deal which involved six hours of community service and a one-year license suspension. Casillo and her attorney told the court that they did not have an interest in the plea deal and would opt for a jury trial. They turned down the same plea deal a year ago. The Howard Beach, Queens mom has previously claimed the demonstrators had come up to her car and called her ‘a white privilege b**ch’ before banging on the vehicle. She said she then panicked and hit the gas when they tried to open the doors of her vehicle, which led to nine activists being injured.


She wants her day in court. I applaud her, and hope she prevails. I hope it sets a precedent. These are not “peaceful protestors.” These are thugs who use “a cause” to be assholes and intimidate and wield their paltry little power because they are largely worthless people, and they know it. Their views would change if they had a significant stake in civil society.

They were protesting on behalf of illegals detained by ICE who went on a hunger strike. She is not going to negotiate with terrorists. Good for her.

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  1. During race riots in Cincinnati, grandmothers were pulled from their cars and beaten because, White.

    As this Black press synopsis blandly puts it,

    “Some white motorists were pulled from their vehicles and beaten. ”


    …my mother is 82 years old. She could not survive a beating, nor should she have to, because she did nothing wrong and has given no man of any color reason for violence against her personally.

    I would absolutely tell her to reduce anyone blocking her and anyone attempting to open her car doors to blood smears in the same circumstance, no matter what color they were.

    In Ohio, attempting to break into an occupied vehicle without permission is considered grounds for use of deadly force in self-defense.

    It should also be so in New York.

    But somehow I doubt it is.

    …I fear if my mothe ever DID get in such a situation, because she probably could not bring herself to do what needed to be done. She grew up in an era where respect for life was paramount. ALL life. Even criminals trying to kill her. She would probably die for daring to have White skin around inchoate Black rage.

    Which is all the MORE reason to free THIS woman and set a precident that if you attack a car, its legal to kill you.

    Because, like concealed carry, having actual stakes may deter some.

    And at least what few people DO get run over DEFINITELY won’t do it again.

    If that DID happen to my mother, it would ruin MY family’s life too.

    Because I would hunt those fuckers down and kill as many as I could before they got me.

  2. “… after she was accused of driving into pedestrians…” No, she didn’t run into pedestrians. She ran into idiots who ran into the road and attacked her.

  3. Racer X
    NOVEMBER 30, 2022 AT 9:16 AM
    “If you don’t like her driving, get out of the road.”

    Valid point.

    Enforce existing laws against intentionally blocking roads and being a pedestrian on a limited access highway AT all, and this goes away.

  4. To quote the Steve Inman Twitter videos, “Move, bitch. Get out the way. Get out the way bitch, get out the way.” Fingers crossed that she gets a sympathetic jury.

  5. There were 10 people beating on the side of her car. If she had a gun and shot a few of them she would be justified. More bull shit. I hope she gets a fair trial. She would be found innocent.


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