Woman’s emotional support peacock denied on United flight

KFI: We’ve heard about some pretty absurd therapy and emotional support animals. Pigs, snakes, turkeys, but peacocks?

According to Live and Let Fly, a woman recently tried to get her emotional support peacock onto a United flight. She said she had a second ticket for the gigantic bird, but United told her no.

A United spokesperson told Fox News:

“This animal did not meet guidelines for a number of reasons, including its weight and size. We explained this to the customers on three separate occasions before they arrived at the airport.”

United also told Fox News that it’s rethinking its support animal policy, as more and more people bring crazy animals onto flights: MORE

23 Comments on Woman’s emotional support peacock denied on United flight

  1. Pure racism.
    And sexism.

    She had a ticket for it.
    No excuse.
    How many guys fly with their pocket perch and/or trouser trout with them for emotional support?
    Nobody says anything about that.
    Bruce Jenner carries his funbags with him.

    But they allow screaming brats who can scream from Baltimore to Munich.
    And terrorists. And fags. And illegal-alien invading rat-people.
    But a peacock? Nooooo … gotta draw the line at that.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. They are pretty darn good eatin’.

    Twice when seeking access to hunt we have been told that we could hunt on the property… but only if we shot on sight any and all peafowl.

    So, not being in favor of wanton waste we took the victims home and roasted ’em up.

    It was only after a buddy tipped me of that we had consumed north of $1,500 worth of peacock in the last couple weeks.

  3. @Shang February 1, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    > And people like this are allowed to walk the streets.

    And encouraged to vote. Both early AND often.

  4. The airline lacked any qualified personnel who were able to explain emergency procedures so the peacock would understand, Plus peacock would not wear a seatbelt.

  5. This is why we can’t have nice things. Some assholes have to go to far. Soon the airlines will have to change their policies back and not allow any animals. Legitimate needs like seeing eye dogs will not be allowed.

  6. “as more and more people bring crazy animals onto flights”

    United you have it all backasswards, it’s not so much the animals as it is the CRAZY FUCKING PEOPLE.

  7. I was in an airport restaurant recently and this guy brought in a smelly mutt and sat at the table near me. It obviously had no “support” training. my meal was ruined because of that smelly dog.

  8. I know how the poor soul feels, just recently I was also denied passage with just a few thousand of my army ants. What’s with these guys?

  9. She was trying to culturally appropriate the Mexican culture of traveling with a bunch of chickens roaming around in a bus.

  10. Not sure why she got denied, I flew last week with my emotional support copperhead, Frank, and was a pleasure the whole way. Got through security with no checks, no delays, got upgraded to first class too.

  11. Gee, it’s almost like she was setting up United for a lawsuit, or something. They will settle out-of-court for six figures, and we will all pay just a little more for an airline ticket.

  12. Two peacocks used to roam my neighborhood, and they would roost in one of my trees at night. They were spectacularly beautiful, but they were noisy and shit all over the place. They mysteriously disappeared after a few years. They didn’t provide much emotional support.

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