Women Claim Their Boobs Got Bigger After the Pfizer Prick

Hmmm. Wonder if the prick will….


Women who have had the Pfizer vaccine are reporting an unexpected side effect – claiming their breasts have grown bigger after having the jab.

Pfizer is one of two vaccinations currently being rolled out across Australia in the fight against Covid-19.

Common side effects from Covid-19 vaccines include pain at the injection site, headaches, fatigue, or feeling flu-like symptoms.

But many women have noticed their breasts and lymph nodes had “swollen” after receiving their jabs, dubbing the effect the “Pfizer boob job”.

According to Australian Department of Health, inflamed lymph nodes are a less common side effect of the vaccinations.


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In the US, where the vaccination rollout is further along than Australia, doctors have reported an influx of newly vaccinated women making mammogram appointments.

Dr. Laura Esserman, director of University of California San Francisco’s Breast Care Center, said women were confusing swollen lymph nodes after the vaccine for signs of cancer.

“I’m sure hundreds of thousands of women will be affected by this for sure,” said Dr. Esserman told ABC7 Chicago.

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  1. Nah, they got fatter sitting on their asses, locked up, and unable to move while watching netflix and ordering Uber eats.

    Tell them to check their asses.

  2. Breast enlargement from the covid shot. Just the latest in a series of pathetic efforts by the left to induce people to get the jab.

  3. I’ve read that two of the JABS cause you to retain a ton of water at the cellular level. Which would explain the bigger titties. And would also explain why people in poor cardiac health die after the jab.

  4. A few years ago, my wife and I sat through a time-share presentation in Orlando just to get the $100 for doing so. We didn’t need the money and had no intention of buying in. We just wanted to see exactly what went on in those places. The pressure, lies, omissions and manipulation were ridiculously intense, but in retrospect, it was great prep for the jab sell.

  5. Apparently it makes brains bigger too cause the jabbed are out in full force telling the unjabbed how smart they are and how stupid you are for not getting it.

  6. Hey, maybe I should buy a padded bra so people will think I’ve gotten the jab.

    Some conservative lingerie entrepreneur will run with that idea in 3, 2, 1…..

  7. Politicians saying we need to get “shots in arms” is my current ‘nails on a chalkboard’ phrase.

    How about a shot to the mouth while you “fight for me” because “the time is now…” 🤮

  8. I keep hearing of people being diagnosed with lymphoma who got jabbed. Then there’s the periods, nose bleeds, blood clots, spiked red blood cells, heart problems, seizures, autoimmune diseases, lung issues.

    Now it has also came out, everyone is getting different doses.

    People are truly guinea pigs and too stupid to see it.

  9. betcha their ovaries are bigger, too
    inflammation, vascular irritation
    that’s where a lot of the spike proteins migrate too, as found in the brief animal studies done
    they like those receptor sites

  10. Then there’s the Minneapolis woman who had to have her hands and legs amputated after reaction to the Pfizer vaccine. No mention of whether her boobs got bigger.

  11. Old Racist White Woman-
    Well, if they’re giving certain people certain doses/versions, that may mean…
    Nooo, they wouldn’t do THAT…

  12. What she got to complain about. I work with a guy who got Pfizer prick from his Pfizer prick. And there was no swelling involved, sadly.

  13. Well, my other testicle finally descended, but I’ve been neither jabbed nor pricked. It’s got something to do with all these big-boobed women on the loose around here.

  14. Amen, Illustr8r. My “nails on a chalkboard” phrase was “out of an abundance of caution”, but they’ve thrown that to the wind with their “Krazy Joe’s Jab-a-thon”.

  15. otoh … I always thought women’s boobs getting bigger after the prick was a result of pregnancy

    silly me

  16. MJA, the way I understand it, they send out batches with bar codes to different vaccine sites, they know the dose by the bar code.
    The people giving the vaccines, have no idea what the true dose is, neither do the people getting it, but moderna and pfizer know.

  17. They are lying liars who lie.

    Also, know what else will make your boobs bigger? Having kids! And this vaccine can harm that so no thanks.

    (Yes I’m back and yes I picked the boob post to come back on lol.)

  18. Nails on a chalkboard phrases! Love it! Around St. Louis with the new mask mandate (which is a ‘reason’ for the mayor to have freedom to spend covid cash) it’s “a mask is a small ask.”

  19. SARS-CoV- 2 mRNA Vaccine (BNT162, PF-07302048)2.6.5薬物動態試験の概要表PFIZER CONFIDENTIALPage PHARMACOKINETICS: ORGAN DISTRIBUTION CONTINUEDTest Article: [3H]-Labelled LNP-mRNAformulation containing ALC-0315 and ALC-0159Report Number: 185350
    see page 7 of the English translation, which is page 17/23 of the document. This is a study done by the Japanese government’s health agency.

  20. @MildredLucille

    The word “ask” used as a noun drives me up the wall. I was never taught that in school. When did that travesty get codified into the dictionary?

    I imagine that in St. Louis, one would hear “ A mask is a small ax” pretty often.

  21. …just so you ladies know, when you’re lying on your back on the mortician’s slab after losing all your skin turgor in your postmortem state, your former funbags just slide down either side of your rib cage in a way that isnt appealing at all, and really just a burden for the person who has to snood them up so they dont look completly ridiculous, sad, and kinda disgusting when you’re on waist-up exhibit in the box you’ll be in because The Jab killed you, so at that point bigger boobs=bigger problems for making your shell anything other than laughable at your layout, just sayin’…

  22. Don’t know about anybody else, but the prick I got is growing larger just thinking about those bigger fun bags.

  23. I’m happy with the boobs God gave me. I don’t need to get an injection to have bigger boobs. BTW, what do bigger boobs do for you when you’re dead, sterile, periods that won’ go away, or cancer down the road from the jab? Just another ploy to get women to get the jab. Fools!

  24. billyhall2006 & Others
    ^^^^^^ I’d like a real doctor to explain this.
    Ovaries after 48hr. 12.3
    Spleen after 48hr. 23.4
    Liver after 48hr. 24.3
    It can’t be good to overload your filter system.

  25. Hey Joan, these inoculations of an experimental gene therapy solution are not vaccines as they have been known in the past. You would be well advised to expand your sources of information.

  26. Old Racist White Woman-
    Yeah, that’s what makes me wonder if certain batches are sent to inner cities and if certain batches of the same drug are sent in a different dosage elsewhere. Small towns, mid sized towns, in the sticks.

    If I have a severe allergy and I take an OTC Benadryl tablet, I know it’s 25mg. It’s 25mg in Miami,Florida, it’s 25mg on Blackbeard Island, Georgia, and it’s also 25mg in Stanley, Idaho.

    So why are they dosing/jabbing one drug differently in certain areas without explanation?
    Even heroin junkies look to see how much they’re dosing themselves with. lol

  27. Let me add to the above.
    If Benadryl fucks up their formula, or there’s a spoiled batch, whatever.
    You can go after Benadryl.

    When you are maimed or die by the pharm companies, for covid jabbery, you can’t sue. Does that seem right to anyone?
    If my employer said I had to do something not in my contract or lose my job, and I refused (ie: sex, fight a Cheetah) I can sue.
    But same employer can say I have to take a drug X, or lose my job, and I can’t sue?

  28. MJA

    That’s been my thoughts ever since the Magnet shit started. There were just to damn many Youboob videos up to think it wasn’t happening. I have friends that got the jab and they actually brought magnets with them. No sticky. So are they only poisoning certain demographics or what’s the deal?

  29. I don’t think the magnets sticking was an actual thing.
    I think someone misunderstood when they were discussing magnetism. As in for tracking. Not sticking to actual magnets.

    The corona19 was made by sticking certain viruses together and they think it was done with graphene. If I can find that link I will post it. I read it a while ago. Anyway, graphene was/is used as a ‘glue’.

  30. Brad- yeah the proteins are out of control.
    Wonder if they’ll release any studies of the areas that people were effected most? Well, leak the studies. Because, you know…

  31. MJA

    What really bothers me is these idiots are treating us like a bunch of dumb sheep. They won’t address “False Information”. Leaving anybody that thinks for themselves skeptical as hell. I’m no microbiologists but spiking proteins in the DNA is not something I’m willing to subject my self to.

  32. BTW, I asked around, and no one that I talked to offers a test to see how your body would react to one of these drugs [before you took them].
    Especially because no one shared the formula, and it wouldn’t be possible anyway to determine if you’d get sick unless they told you how and what the drug was made with to see if they contain an allergen. And they haven’t shared the formulas.

    So, the jabs are free, BUT they won’t tell you what’s in them and how they’re made and how you could be affected.

    There are thin, 24 inch sized pieces of paper folded down to 3 inches, inside of insulin vial packaging with all the info they need to give you on the drug. Diagrams, charts, studies, ages, race, sex, drug names, percentages, side effects, how to use, who to call for questions, the address, the name of the lab, onset, duration, drug interaction, how the drug works if you have organ damage, if the drug is synthetic or natural and what cells it mimics, how it absorbs, when it absorbs, the structural formula, and I’m pretty sure I saw a picture of some lab worker posing with a beaker, too. lol.

    Point is, That’s a lot of info, single-spaced in super small type.
    No one I know who got the jab said they were offered any paperwork, and I’ve seen with my own eyes, people who got the jab get up and walk out of the pharmacy without any paperwork in their hands.

    But in a 3 inch box of insulin? Damn near everything.

  33. The CDC just fired the mask mandate up again. What a joke. And meanwhile according to FOX morning show 70% of the illegals coming across the boarder test positive. And they distribute these people through out the country with no jab. And we’re suppose to believe their hysteria? I don’t think so.

  34. It’s because the dems want their cake and eat it, too. No matter what it does to the rest of us. Remember, illegals are responsible for most of the TB, too. You see any vaccinations or masks for that being mandatory?


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