Woodward’s New Book A Backwards Look Into The Left’s Funhouse Mirror


During a Wednesday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” journalist Bob Woodward discussed his new book, “Peril,” which is about the transition from President Donald Trump to President Joe Biden.

Host John Berman asked Woodward to explain what he means at the end of the book, in which he concludes that “peril remains.”

Woodward said he and “Peril” co-author Robert Costa both believe Trump is going to run for president again. He warned that Trump’s actions while in office “were not just a problem in the United States” but also “a national security emergency.” More

9 Comments on Woodward’s New Book A Backwards Look Into The Left’s Funhouse Mirror

  1. >>“And what he did is not worry enough about the people in the country, worried about his own political standing,“<<

    Right. Is Biden not repeatedly turning his back on the media so as not to explain the numerous festering disasters?
    And when he does speak of them, is he not trying to cover his ass and deflect blame?
    Is Biden “worrying about the American people” like you say?
    Because that sure is a funny way to show it.

    Looked to me (and millions of others) like President Trump tried to look out for the best interests of the American people. Prove me wrong. They could feel it. That’s why he drew millions to his rallies. He actually cared.

  2. According to Dems peril will remain as long as white people who voted for Trump are still around! Woodward is always stirring the pot!

  3. you can only see that point of view of “peril”, if you keep in mind that destroying the USA so a one world government can be formed is the desired goal and making the USA independent and strong destroys these plans of our elite.

    get with it, justice and equity can only be obtained if the whole worlds population are miserable wage slaves supporting the lifestyle of our betters.

    that’s their danger they see in Trump.

  4. Wasn’t Bob getting invited o the cool parties anymore? Maybe he thought his statement about Miley would make him (Woodward) look good, but he was shocked by the blowback.

    I cannot believe how anyone would say Trump was a danger to the world after eight months of Biden.

  5. Evil is blind to evil’s ways. He is willfully ignoring the truth. The light is beginning to shine on the evil that happened to President Trump, and more and more people are seeing the light.
    God is in control. Be not afraid.

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