Words That People Get Mixed Up


An interesting and handy infographic from the Fingertips Typing Services


about words that we often get mixed up.

See it at Common Sense Evaluation.

24 Comments on Words That People Get Mixed Up

  1. If yer Revrum Wright’s God-Damn America-hating, feckless, jug-eared, dog-eating, Gay-obsessed, Lying/Denying jackass, terms like Workplace violence and Islamic Terrorism will confuse you!

  2. Drug- addled, homosexual, marxist, moslem community organizer and Preznit.

    Reticent and hesitant.

    Its and it’s.

    Colored and negro.

    Black and colored.

    Spic and mexican.

    Alien illegal invading rat-people and immigrants.

    Knowledgeable political pundit and Karl Rove.

    HRC and human.

    Bernie Sanders and American.

  3. I never thought people got ’em “mixed up.” Most people (present company accepted) heh, just aren’t literate enough to know what goes where.

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