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Words That Will Haunt Hillary

It was a part of a simple declaration in last night’s Democrat Debate but it could well be the most memorable thing she will have said during her whole campaign.


 “…no individual too big to jail.”




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  1. What a peculiar remark for her to make. And then to tweet it?

    HRC IS NOT A GOOD DECISION-MAKER. She is, however, making it wonderfully easy for me to skewer her in debates with libs.

  2. “…no individual too big to jail.”

    I was thinking Chris Christie, but I’d bet if you greased the cell door jamb and tossed in a donut, he’d slide right in.

  3. I will believe these words will haunt Hildebeast when she is sentenced to a long term in prison – and not a moment before then.

  4. She should be in prison only long enough to build a gallows.

  5. Someday the Hildebeast will be held accountable for her wickedness – it might not happen in this life time, as long as the cockroaches that protect her are still nesting in DC. God is no respecter of persons.

  6. She loves the poor woebegotten middle class so much I bet she would opt for a tree branch and a nervous pony!

  7. hill doesn’t have to sweat a stint in the big house.
    me and obama worked it all out on the golf course.
    hill dog is dead meat. you think me and obama would want this harpy singing to the investigators under questioning knowing she was going to jail? who knows what she will blab.
    we were born on a day but it wasn’t yesterday.

  8. Jail my ass.

    Whole trainloads of ’em in DC and NYC too big to even file charges against. They all know it and think that is just a hoot.

    Sucks to be little people.

  9. Her words are already haunting her during the campaign. Wait until the general if she is the democrap nominee.

  10. WIsh the Republicans would start hammering Democrats, especially Hillary about the border between Haiti and Dominican Republic. Haitians are exploited for cheap labor and then forced to go back to Haiti–don’t hear BLM up in arms about it. Hillary anointed her brother with one of 2 permits to mine gold there–the mineworkers are virtually slave labor. Do the Dems not care about that? And Hillary and Michelle Obama had no problem wearing designer clothes from the late Oscar De laRenta who lived in luxury in the Dominican. So Democrats approve of deporting Haitians that cross the border and in exploiting them for cheap labor as well as monopolizing a valuable gold mine for personal gain. WOW

  11. This treasonous bitch should be far more worried a noose than a jail cell.

    Until we start holding the people in our government accountable for their crimes, we have no hope against the Chinese, the muslims, the Wall Street bankers, or even the Norks.

    Notice that I didn’t refer these traitorous scum as leaders.

  12. Oh I don’t know. I still think the most memorable and important quote of hers from her campaign so far is:
    “I’m just here for the pie”

  13. You know how to rid your country of traitors, thieves, liars, corruptors of youth, embezzlers, lawless judges, and out-of-control legislators and bureaucrats?

    Well, you’d better learn pretty fuckin quick – or ya ain’t gonna have a country to salvage.

  14. I used to think the French people were wicked to use the guillotine. Now I’m wondering why WE haven’t started to build them.

  15. She also mentioned rape victims should be believed?

    Like Darth Vader, could there be a some good left in a soul seduced by the Dark Side trying to break out?

    Probably not. I just don’t think she is that smart. Devious perhaps, but not super intellegent.

  16. Auntie Hideo will probably not see jail. But she will, however see an old fart socialist steal her lunch, just like the Pickaninny did.
    I want to see her tears.
    Her tears of failure and rage, when she comes up short; again.
    I want to see her face.
    Trying to be brave and not let her eyes go all Medusa and start turning people into stone, campaign workers first.

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