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World Economic Forum Calls for the End of Wasteful Private Car Ownership

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“The average car or van in England is driven just 4% of the time,” the WEF paper states. It then calls on car owners to sell their vehicle because, “Car sharing platforms such as Getaround and BlueSG have already seized that opportunity to offer vehicles where you pay per hour used.”

Ending private car ownership is essential to addressing climate change, the WEF argues. The forum goes on to advocate for the same principles to be applied to city and home designs as well.

“A design process that focuses on fulfilling the underlying need instead of designing for product purchasing is fundamental to this transition,” the WEF wrote. “This is the mindset needed to redesign cities to reduce private vehicles and other usages.” More

Anyone else noticing the volume of this kind of BS has picked up since the discovered they could force most people to take a vaccine that turns out to be doing more harm than good? Dr. Tar

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  1. They can have my car when they develop the strength required to pry the keys from my cold dead hands.

  2. WEF can go fuck themselves.
    4% is 57.6 minutes a day!

    Who dafuq drives more than that?
    I live 30 miles from Walmart and ~10 miles from town and I don’t average 57.6 minutes driving per day.
    What a crock of shit – and there ain’t no bus comes out this way.

    Fuck Off, Eat Shit, and Die.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  3. @Dr. Tar

    I have noticed also. Every day they get more brazen.

    One of the things to do in killing freedom is take away people’s right to be mobile and go wherever they please. The WEF bastards want the entire world to be a vast prison, excluding themselves.

  4. I owned a Bronco just like that one. 1967.
    Too much work & money for a 16 year old.
    I cut it up and sold the parts for more than
    I paid for it.Like to have it back now…..
    And yes, I got 2 cars, a 4×4 ’95 Pathfinder, a
    mini turbo sport truck and a Harley.

  5. How about banning private jets and limos. Every body fly commercial and uses public transport.

  6. Well, if I had a private jet (with a jailbait – but “legal” – over international waters – “masseuse”), I’d spend more time in it.

    But when this heavy, rare earth, metal crap box is all the money you haven’t stolen from me will buy… an hour a day’s all I can tolerate.

    Oh! And don’t get me started on “tele-commuting” from my yacht.

  7. I’m willing to sacrifice. I’ll give up my car when I can have a flying car for the same price!

    May the WEF dine on poisonous frogs.

  8. Combined value of my cars is maybe 1-2% of what Horse Face Kerry’s car collection is worth. Would this be a good time to talk about Kerry’s yachts and hangars fulla jets? NO? Then the entire WEF can go fuck themselves. I’ll give up my necessities after they give up their luxuries.

  9. * private vehicles

    Understand the word PRIVATE.

    Here’s an idea. How about people get educated on how to take care of their own PRIVATE stuff before forcing us to share a car? I’ve got a 19 and 17 year old car. When out for a drive, most cars on the road are under 5 years old. Rarely do I see one that’s older than my own.

    Play the front wheel game. Take a look at cars around you that are supposed to have chrome/aluminum rims. Most are usually black from brake dust. Why, well because no one takes care of their shit.

    People just don’t care at all about something they spend a bunch of money on. It’s their own PRIVATE car, treat it like a shitbox, go buy another one every 5 years instead of cleaning and maintaining it. Who gives a damn? Clearly, most people don’t.

    I’ll be damned if I’m forced to share a car with people who already don’t take care of their own PRIVATE car. Imagine the type of shitbox you’ll be driving if forced to share a car with people that have no clue how to take care of a car. no thanks!

  10. “In Ireland, the government has told citizens that they will be packed into densely populated cities in order to combat climate change. Drivers will be forced off the roads as part of a plan that will ‘revolutionize’ people’s lifestyle and behaviors.”

    What the hell happened to Ireland? Time to get the IRA back together.

  11. “In addition, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has directed global governments to drastically cut oil supply to domestic consumers in order to encourage compliance by “nudging” people out of their private cars.”

    Well, THAT explains the increase in the cost of fuels since Biden maladministration’s take-over; just following the globalist “directives”. Feeling “nudged” yet?

  12. Here in car culture America, these a-holes have just designated the hill we will take a stand

  13. Get rid of your private car. Take public transportation, trains, busses, etc. — you know, the kinds of things they won’t let you use if you aren’t jabbed.

    Those people want to control your life so bad they can taste it. Let’s send them a strong message for them to engage in self intercourse.

  14. Yeah, public cars: all the safety and convenience of a public bathroom, now in six colors!

    Better idea: dispose of the WEF and like-minded idiots.

  15. In their brave new world you’ll live in a dormitory where you work, and buy everything at the company store. No need to travel. What a grand plan :/

  16. Do these assholes get paid by someone to make our lives like the Middle Ages? Every single one of these arrogant shitheads need to do it FIRST. I’m sorry, are they elected by Americans to destroy our freedoms? Don’t think so, at least for me. They can kiss my ass.

  17. I have a CDL and haul less than tractor trailer sized loads. Good paying loads are not happening right now except in the produce farming market wher I by-pass brokers. I have two loads a week from north GA to Jacksonville with my trailer loaded with a combination of various squash, tomatoes, okra, peppers, corn, and beans to a regional grocery store distributorship. I make 10 mpg loaded and 13 running deadhead if I can’t get a load back that covers fuel. To run deadhead I got to make $2.43 a mile to break even with fuel at $4.50 a gallon and I am making about $4 a mile with this gig so I am making about $17 an hour doing this. Why? Two years ago the rates were almost twice this and fuel was $2 a gallon. I have payments to make.

  18. Don’t really need a lot of ammo. Remember these guys just have a lot of “things” and money they have inherited and/or stolen from harder-working people.

    Gore, Turner, Gates, Soros, et al., all belong to us Americans, as we have been directly affected by their selfish inferiority and deserve absolute revenge for their childish wars against Western Civilization.

  19. Elites are why we can’t have nice things!
    Even when we’ve worked all our lives to earn them!!
    People had better start realizing that we are in a battle against World-Wide Communism and that they are robbing us blind!!

  20. @TRF

    “…we are in a battle against World-Wide Communism and that they are robbing us blind!!”

    I tend to think of it as a “Super-Tyranny”, that is going to destroy freedoms world-wide. I think it will be Marxist in the sense it will control the means of production to allow manufacturing only what the tyrants want us to have. No more gas-powered autos – maybe no autos at all. Free enterprise can’t be controlled by the tyrants so it will have to go. The free exchange of information will not be allowed because people exchanging information is how insurrections start. Our ability to move around will be curtailed. All of these things happened under Soviet Communism. It is a return to serfdom with a modern twist that is designed to appeal to the young monsters turned out by modern education.

    But this newer form is not designed for the working people to throw off their chains like Marx was talking about in the 19th Century. This is a new type that insists it is saving the planet from billions of uncontrollable polluters who have too many babies.

    In reaching that goal it will use every cruel method devised by 20th century Communism and Nazism mashed up with all kinds of modern perversions, mind-altering drugs, and depraved entertainment to keep people quiet and compliant.

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