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Would This Annoy You?

h/t Jason

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  1. Want to know what’s annoying
    Not knowing whose gping to show up for Gutfeld
    Last Night it was that Rob Long Dong
    The one that is a cross between Chuckle Dummy
    Meat Head Reiner and Scruffy Lincoln Projectors
    All rolled up into one NYC Grey Turd

    Gutfeld needs to freshen that format
    Getting stale
    Back to Red Eye

  2. No. I would just change out the poster sized photos of them on the wall I look at while I work to support their stupidity. Although… I think this is totally staged and shot from dad’s camera.

    Puh-leaze. What is this video from? “When Narcissists Reproduce”???

  3. Looks like a home full of love and joy.

    I’d take that and smile and feel good for having that moment.

    Pranking me if I fell asleep on the couch after dinner would annoy me and question how much they actually love me. I’m knocking myself out to provide and you won’t let me rest in peace? That’s annoying.

    This? Nope. Might even take it as a sign to spend a little more time with them and be grateful for what I have.


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