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WTH? Madonna to perform concert in Nashville, donate proceeds to ‘trans rights’ groups

Her sympathies are with the tranny? She just added the concert. Why not donate to the victim’s families?


Pop icon Madonna just announced that she is adding a Nashville stop on her upcoming “Celebration Tour,” set to begin later this year.

The 64-year-old singer made the announcement on Instagram on Monday, stating that she added the Nashville concert at Bridgestone Arena because of new Tennessee laws that severely restrict drag shows and so-called “gender-affirming care” for children. She criticized those laws as “unfounded and pathetic” and claimed that they make “America a dangerous place for our most vulnerable citizens, especially trans women of color.”

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  1. The progressive/Marxist/Satanist movement is populated by individuals who lack any capacity for any sincere concern for anyone except themselves. I mean that literally. Whenever and wherever they show any concern for anyone it is as empty a gesture as only a soul dedicated to serving the forces of darkness can be.

    There was a time when good and decent people could legitimately concede good intentions to followers of the progressive worldview, but that time is long in the past. They are not only out of the closet, they are shoving what they have dedicated themselves to in everyone’s face.

    I have been posting that increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death is their goal, only to have others take issue with me. Not only do they revel in innocent human suffering, misery and death, they openly celebrate wickedness and evil on all fronts.

    It hasn’t been possible to concede good intentions to these subhuman pieces of shit for some time without being complicit in their designs. They simply are what they have, with full awareness of what they were doing when they cast their lot with Satan, made of themselves.

    For God’s sake, they couldn’t make it more clear what they are. They are hostile to The Good and go out of their way to make it impossible for anyone to misconstrue the force it is they serve.

  2. ^^^ Couldn’t have said it better myself

    It sucks ass, as all I want to do is live my life with my family and friends. Life is difficult enough – zero reason to pull this shit on us but for power and evil.

    May God swallow them up and spit them out into the Abyss.

  3. I am ashamed to admit that — as a teenager — I briefly owned a couple of Madonna cassette tapes. I did a lot of stupid things as a kid that I’ve later come to regret. Fortunately, a girl I knew ran off with them, and they were never replaced.

  4. JDHasty MARCH 28, 2023 AT 10:51 PM

    Yup. She’s always been a child of Satan and her fellow travelers are no different.


    MissInMi MARCH 29, 2023 AT 5:35 AM
    We are seeing in real time, what “being given over to a depraved mind” leads to.


    Exactly true.

    As for the music never doing anything for me, I felt that way about a lot of rock music.

    If you want to see mis-using of the built-in need to worship, just look at any video of an AC/DC concert. Many wearing horns and making a horned hand gesture.

    This energy was meant for their Creator, but their depraved minds have perverted it.

  5. Agree with everyone.

    Romans 1:28 “Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done.”

    God knows at what point a person has rejected him. That will be the last time that he tries to reach them. At that point, he has removed any influence he had with them and allows them to race toward Hell as fast as they can run.

    Satan has them now and they will do his bidding. They hate as he hates. They want as many with them as possible, not for company but for torture as they are tortured.

  6. Use the left’s own tactics against them. Concerts these days are sponsored by some corporation; find out who, and bring pressure on them to drop sponsorship. What venue is this concert to be held? Who owns it? Bring unrelenting pressure on them to cancel the concert. We are at war. Time to act
    Like it.

  7. DEC 22 Friday 08:30 PM Fri 8:30 PM
    Open additional information for Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena Madonna – The Celebration Tour 12/22/23, 8:30 PM
    Nashville, TN Bridgestone Arena
    Madonna – The Celebration Tour


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