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Wuhan Has Exposed What the Dangerous Left-Wing Media is Capable Of

Let’s not soft-soap this. The left-wing media is pure evil.

They deny even being left-wing, all the while their very existence is to insure that one particular political ideology remains in power- their own.

Wuhan has exposed them like no other story before. The guilt is getting to some of them who have the capacity for that emotion, and they are admitting that they spun, spiked and shilled to the point of costing lives.

This wasn’t “Trump hatred,” although they do hate him, this was business as usual. They spin, spike and shill on Climate Change, Guns, Transgenders, Race, Oil, any position that aligns with their comrades. They know they do this. They know we know they know, but they continue to gaslight us.

Just admitting that they, in concert and coordination, intentionally fabricated “lab leak” as debunked and the “fever dreams of Trump and ‘MAGAts” is not enough.

A price has to be paid.

What will that look like? What will it be?

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  1. “Exposed What the Dangerous Left-Wing Media is Capable Of”

    No it doesn’t. What they are capable of is infinitely more horrendous. The progressive movement has an infinite capacity for wickedness and evil actions. They, being progressives are Satan’s agents here on earth. God being infinitely good, so good that human’s cannot fully comprehend the concept of infinite goodness is opposed by infinite capacity for wicked and evil intent and actions. If you think you have seen it all, no you have not. Any concept you may have of the limits of their capacity for evil is a falsity, they will easily meet and exceed that with a smirk on their face that signifies they are just getting warmed up.

  2. COVID 19 was not so much a pandemic, but it was definitely a terrorist attack. The media and many (mostly, but not all, democrat) politicians are terrorists.

  3. The even bigger scandal is the vaccines which they were planning in documents in 2016 and the hiding of known therapeutics from people for the last year, just letting innocent people die so they could get their emergency authorization which they could only get if there were no treatments. And the gaslighting of the public on any reported dangers along with the push to inoculate anyone they can as fast as possible including now children that are developing heart issues and other injuries when they have virtually NO risk of dying from Covid. We will see what the outcome is, but this could be one of the worst mass murder events in history.

  4. The CCCP has finished their “disinfecting” and “clean-up” of all of the evidence, and they are confident there is no longer anything traceable back to their militarizing the “gain-of-function” of the virus, so they gave their propagandists the go ahead to open up the discussion with the plan that all the evidence the USA currently has will lead to dead ends.
    Either that or they have prepared enough “fake” evidence that leads the investigation to labs in the USA.

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