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Yahoo News Stinks

From the title of the piece “Jared Kushner’s Growing Stench of Treason” to the lack of any substance to the charge, the article featured today on Yahoo News from Foreign Policy Magazine is a pile of rotting fish guts.  The best the author has to offer is the conclusion that if this were the Cold War, Kushner’s suggestion of a back channel to Moscow would appear treacherous, except that nations set them up all the time.

I’m not linking to this garbage barge of an opinion piece. There’s nothing there, but the insinuation that Kushner did something wrong in the normal function of any official within an administration is outrageous.

National Security Advisor McMaster dismisses the senseless screeches of those trying to deny the WH Jared Kushner’s services out of hand Here




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  1. I have only one person on my contacts list that has a email addy but I had no idea there was yahoo news. It is not destined to be one of my sources!

  2. In my world if you call someone a ‘yahoo’ it is a pejorative which makes me wonder why anyone would call their business ‘Yahoo News’. Was ‘Douchenozzle News’ taken? How about ‘Shitpickle News’? I mean the possibilities are endless when you just don’t care what anyone thinks.

  3. “trying to deny the WH Jared Kushner’s services”

    Why, he must be even more special than Chelsea! How rare that level of specialicousness has become. With over a quarter of a billion candidates, just in America!, to have risen to the level of a Clinton is to be noted, indeed.

  4. Verizon bought Yahoo! Maybe they will clean up that swamp.
    I once had the Yahoo! news feed as my home page but the 10:1 Republican browbeating caused me to change.

    I switched to Microsoft’s Bing or whatever it’s called. It’s not as bad as Yahoo! It’s maybe 8:1 anti-Republican articles.

    Now I have DrudgeReport as my landing page. Oddly, I trust DrudgeReport as a news source more than the multi-billion dollar media conglomerates with hundreds of reporters.

  5. i read that article earlier and thought Really? how else are they supposed to communicate? Smoke signals? Flares? Hire Hillary as messenger?

    frickin a.

    I read yahoo when drudge links to it but i really like to read the comment1s. They are always about 30:1 in favor of conservatives and they continually mock yahoos articles.

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