Yale University to implement campus-wide ‘carbon charge’

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Program will charge or reward buildings based on their carbon usage

Yale University is pioneering a first-of-its-kind carbon charge program that will tax its buildings based on their carbon emissions.

The program aims to combat climate change by monitoring the amount of electricity, chilled water, natural gas and steam consumption from its buildings and charge departments a fee if they use more than an established baseline amount, according to campus officials, who in announcing the program blamed climate change for “heat waves, floods, wildfires, crop decline, infectious diseases, violence and conflict.”

The program, which begins this month after “three years of study, discussion, and experimentation,” aims to impart “a financially impactful fee on carbon emissions,” according to campus leaders in a video.

Yale will utilize “historical energy data” to determine a baseline of carbon emissions. If, during that year, Yale’s carbon emissions increase by a certain amount, that new level of emissions will become the baseline for that year, the video states.

“If [a building] increases emissions by the same percentage as Yale did,” the video explains, “it will receive no charge.” A building that increases its emissions less than the university’s average, or else decreases them, “will receive money back.” A building the emissions of which increase more than the average, meanwhile, “will receive a charge.”

“This approach keeps the net amount that each unit is charged relatively small, while also, on the margin, giving everyone an incentive of nearly the full social cost of carbon,” said Casey Pickett, the director of the Carbon Charge initiative.  more here

19 Comments on Yale University to implement campus-wide ‘carbon charge’

  1. When I was in school one of my favorite things to do was make dry ice with liquid CO2.
    I suppose I couldn’t do that anymore
    That sucks.
    I wish I had a dollar for every refrigerator I shot at the junk yard when I was young releasing
    the Freon, which is a halocarbon. I suppose that is frowned upon too.

  2. Use as much electricity as possible. Blow through your allotment and your building gets charged, meaning your portion is minimal. Small price to pay to teach Yale the fallacy of socialism.

  3. Chemistry, Ag and Engineering Schools hit.

    And that’s the problem. The fields that advance knowledge and civilization are also the ones that use energy to replace muscle and repetitive drudgery. Wonder that the electric bill is for the Yale Linear Accelerator or the nuclear medicine department?

  4. My dad used to like talking about the EPA building in DC, built maybe 15 years ago to be extremely efficient. After it was in use they determined that the air inside was the most polluted of any building in the area, if not the country. 🙂

  5. If Yale believes in climate change it can’t call itself a university any longer. Take note and spread the word, hire no one from this school and send no one to this school.

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