Trump Slams Socialism in Room Full of Moronic Socialists

22 Comments on Trump Slams Socialism in Room Full of Moronic Socialists

  1. Trump burned the UN house down with his speech. He called out commies, terrorists, dictators and the slackers that allow this crap. That was the most excited I have ever been during one of those speeches. Go trump.

  2. DJT’s getting high marks for his in your face speech at the U.N. Levin even loved it. Most true conservatives loves it. John Bolton went nuts over it.
    But not them assholes at the Right Scoop. I use to wonder what it would take to get them on our side. But after the Trumps awesome Supreme Court nomination and seeing these Morons still bad math him I realized it would never happen. There like some Biblical lost people cast out in the cold because they are just that FUCKING STUPID AND BRAIN WASHED. I’m the curious sort. What happened? That place use to be great. Is this a deliberate choice on their part? Choose the losing market? If you read long enough your realize Super Mex was an abused child. He’s got an ax to grind. He’s just not sure why. Anyway, here’s their latest “eww, everyone hates Trump” bull shit. I found it funny. Boycott these cock sxckers.

  3. No Doubt Trump intimidates the crap out of these guys , He’s very Clear about where he stands. He Get’s up to the Podium , and it’s OOOH Shit Dad’s home !!!

  4. My feminist BFF tweeted today that President Trump’s UN speech was so vile it caused her to stress eat.


    Hmm… his speech caused me to give high five total strangers and to do cartwheels in my yard. Funny, that. 🤣

  5. Unable to employ half their staff to fill time slots because Trump wasn’t tweeting during his speech, it was a day off for many in the CNN news room. A paid day off from the office, employees were tasked to research, from home, what kind of ice cream Trump consumed 5 years ago that prevented Hillary from winning the 2016 election. This breaking research will be complied into a short 8 minute segment to be replayed for 8 hours on CNN and regurgitated by all networks for the next month. Hillary will write an addendum for the second edition of “What happened?” and we can all rejoice in her second paid book signing tour, due in early spring.

  6. I read the text this evening. He put it all out there. He named names, and called on every citizen and every representative of every country to do the right things.
    There will be repercussions from the international community. And while there may be wailing and complaining, the overall impact will be a yuge positive.

  7. Socialism doesn’t work. Plain and simple.
    Never has never will
    So how can someone be a socialist?
    They must be professionally mentally ill

  8. Bad Brad, thank you for telling us what’s going on over at Right Scoop so that we don’t have to go. I quit going there during the primaries cuz Super Mex was just so bitter and vitriolic, it wasn’t fun anymore.

  9. Did anyone catch the moron Dipshitlomat from Venezuela who likened President Trump to President Reagan as though it was some kind of insult? I just laughed!
    All these bead-strumming, panty-wetting Lefties who are out there moaning about how awful President Trump is have not one clue how badly needed this speech really was! It needed to be laid on the line to the NORKs and the Iranians that we’re not screwing around anymore! We’re not going to tolerate, and more importantly, the World should not tolerate these regimes that would set the planet on fire because some “religion” tells them to or because someone is disappointed with his three inch dick!


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